Welcome to Vilda – your inspiration guide for stylish vegan living.

Vilda (the name is Swedish for “the wild one”), is the world’s first digital vegan fashion magazine.

We showcase the finest in conscious style free from animal-derived materials, try out the best in cruelty-free beauty and search the world for the most thrilling destinations for compassionate travel. Our aim is to inspire compassionate living through elevated fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.

Vilda was founded by vegan journalist and entrepreneur Sascha Camilli in 2013, as part of the Marie Claire UK Inspire & Mentor Scheme. Read more about that here

Sascha now oversees a team of talented freelance contributors all over the planet – and our international core is the heart of what we do. We have shot fashion editorials with our favourite vegan brands in Copenhagen, London and New York, tried raw food in Milan and Mexican vegan delights in LA, and shopped for organic fashion anywhere from Denmark to Paris. You might have seen us in Marie Claire UK, GLAMOUR Germany, or VOGUE Germany’s partner site This is Jane Wayne – and Sascha was named one of Vegan Good Life Magazine’s Business Influencers of 2015. Vilda has also been nominated for a VegFest Best Vegan Magazine Award and a Unicorn Goods Best of Vegan Best Vegan Media Award – both in 2017, when Sascha Camilli was also nominated for a Unicorn Goods Best of Vegan Best Vegan Entrepreneur Award. In 2018, Vilda was nominated again for a VegFest UK Best Vegan Magazine award.

Sascha has also held public talks on the topic of ethical vegan fashion at festivals such as VegFest UK and VegoVision Sweden.

What we bring you:

FASHION – cutting-edge cruelty-free designers, the best in ethical shopping and outfit ideas for any occasion, without a trace of animal skins.

TRAVEL – delightful destinations and hidden gems courtesy of our international team – all with a cruelty-free twist.

BEAUTY – the best in cruelty-free cosmetics, DIY beauty, innovative skincare and luxurious makeup, all 100% harmless.

WELLNESS – the latest in wellness trends mixed with timeless tricks to feel your best – we try out everything from running to meditation and report back.

LIFESTYLE – from interviews with compassionate game-changers to undiscovered travel destinations and the latest in well-being and fitness, this section is your toolkit to an inspired life.

ACTIVISM – your toolkit for changing the world, from collective action to individual conscious lifestyle choices.

EDITOR’S NOTES – thoughts, musings and sometimes rants from the editor in chief.

If you are curious about contemporary vegan living, want to feel inspired about dressing with compassion or discover the very best in cruelty-free travel, you’re in the right place. 

From interviews with tastemakers and vegan fashion photoshoots to in-depth stories that tell you exactly what the heck “synthetic spider silk” is and why you should care, Vilda is your guide to a beautiful life free from cruelty.

Are you a cruelty-free brand? We’d love to have a chat about how we can work together. Click here to find out more.


Vilda (Swedish for “the wild one”) is an international digital vegan fashion magazine. Our aim is to inspire elevated compassionate living. For info and media kit: hello@vildamagazine.com


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