Front Row & Backstage at Vegan Fashion Week

After last year’s success, all eyes were on this year’s Vegan Fashion Week: what would founder Emmanuelle Rienda and her team of ethical style enthusiasts come up with this time? Well, now we’ve got the answer: nothing short of something extraordinary. 

Held in October this year, this Vegan Fashion Week featured designers such as Nicoline Hansen, Enda, Minttu Melasalmi, Wasted LA and more creators of stylish and innovative cruelty-free designs.

The event also featured several educational talks and panel discussions such as “How to Build a Vegan Brand: Vegan Fashion 101,” Social Justice, Sustainability, and Animal Rights: Essential Synergy for the Future of Fashion,” and “Activism Through Social Media: Using your Platform to Advocate for and Promote Vegan and Ethical Fashion.”

Vilda was, of course, present – following our competition to find our guest reporter for the event, we came across photographer Morgan Ariana Coffey, who documented the event from backstage as well as the runway.


 “The relationship between fashion, factory farming, and climate change cannot be ignored. Vegan sustainable fashion is the ultimate answer to climate change and waste pollution. I created an inclusive and collaborative movement dedicated to redesigning the industry and the consumers’ daily habits” says Vegan Fashion Week creator and animal rights activist, Emmanuelle Rienda. 

“Such a pleasure to attend Vegan Fashion Week 2019, I learned so much and really had a lot of fun meeting so many new international models, designers and artists”, says Morgan Ariana Coffey. “I admit, as a ‘non-vegan’ I felt a bit nervous about attending, but as soon as I entered I was welcomed with open arms, creative snacks and actual real humans who care about the world. Vegan Fashion Week is not just a showcase of ethical fashion, but ultimately a celebration of sustainability and health for all cultures – not just the vegan community.”


All photos by Morgan Ariana Coffey

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  1. Fashion show also plays important role in entertainment. In this post the thing that i liked most is the pictures. With the pictures you can represent the things easily.Thankyou for this post

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