ALL The Designs In The New Collection of Vegan Shoes from Topshop

Vegan shoes at a mainstream fashion brand was unheard of just a few short years ago – but these days, vegan fashion is a rising trend among both high-end and high-street labels. Topshop is the latest in the line of brands that are getting on the bandwagon: today the British fashion giant announced its latest range of 10 vegan sandals, all PETA-approved and handmade in Spain.

Vegan shoppers might be familiar with the doubt about whether shoes are made with animal glue – but we can rest assured with this collection, as it’s completely free from all animal adhesives, including fish-derived glue.

The styles are sleek and versatile, featuring subdued and easy-to-match hues, comfortable yet chic chunky heels and exotic skin prints that didn’t kill any animals – and priced at £42-£59, these designs are as affordable as they are stylish.

“We are really excited to be launching our first vegan collection this April,” comments Topshop’s fashion director, Maddy Evans to the Independent. “Initially we’re focusing on footwear and introducing six new styles that are produced alongside our premium shoe lines in Spain. We can’t wait to see how shoppers respond to the design-led collection and how far we can push vegan products across our accessories offering.”

We can’t wait, either – if this is the new era of vegan fashion, we say bring it on.

Now if you excuse us, we’ll try to pick a favourite among the 10 designs:






All photos courtesy of Topshop


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