Worldwide Beauty Directory: The Best Vegan Hair Salons Around the Globe

Eating vegan has become increasingly easy, with more mainstream options than ever, from supermarket shelves to ritzy restaurants. But, being cruelty free doesn’t start and end at dinner, consciously choosing ethical lifestyle and beauty products or services is another way to incorporate your values into everyday life, including hair and beauty. According to the Vegan Society, vegan cosmetic launches have increased by 175% from July 2013 to June 2018, with British drugstore chain Superdrug’s own brand sales, reaching a massive 750% sale increase in January 2019 – their own brand is fully cruelty-free and vegan.

One woman who knew all about ethical beauty way before it was “in” is Karine Jackson of the Karine Jackson salon. “I changed over to Organic Colour Systems fifteen years ago and have watched with interest as the bigger brands have started to clean up their ingredients and ethics,” say says. “We have a vegan and ethical promise to our clients, part of which is that Organic Colour Systems don’t trade with countries that endorse animal testing. We introduced our full vegan service two years ago, so when you book a vegan service you get vegan colour, products, snacks and drinks – and it now makes up 6% of our business so there’s definitely a growing demand.”

The beauty market is definitely commanding a bigger slice than ever of the cruelty-free and vegan trend: whether you religiously make time for a trim or change colour every month, obtaining vegan-friendly beauty care has gotten a whole lot easier since forward-thinking entreprenurs like Jackson started their businesses, thanks to the ever-growing market for ethical beauty around the world. A report by Market Research Future predicts that between 2017 and 2023 we will see a 6% growth in cruelty-free cosmetics. 

And Jackson understands why that is. “It’s a no-brainer to me that people are becoming more switched on to ethical beauty – if you get the same results or better then why wouldn’t you choose the ethical option?” she says.  “I’ve just launched my own 100% natural range in Holland & Barrett and I’m aiming to take my salon plastic-free as soon as it’s feasible. I produce a photoshoot every year and often use very vibrant shades alongside the usual blondes and brunettes because I’m keen to challenge the preconception about vegan colour giving wishy washy henna type results.”

Another woman on the forefront of the vegan beauty trend is Dori Rad, owner of London’s iconic vegan beauty salon The Rabbit Hole. “As the first vegan salon, The Rabbit Hole has been receiving overwhelming attention from like-minded guests since the beginning,” she says. “The majority of our clients are still ethical vegans, but with veganism gaining more mainstream exposure we find that people are more interested and open to kind, cruelty-free options. Our products are organic as well as vegan, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Whetherever you are located, there is likely to be a vegan-friendly salon somewhere nearby – see our global favourites for inspiration on where to get gorgeous worldwide.


The Rabbit Hole, London

Established in 2012, the Rabbit Hole is a London-based, independent, vegan owned salon that offers a totally cruelty-free experience with a high-quality finish.

Karine Jackson, London

Colour expert Karine Jackson uses the Organic Colour Systems products, which are the first-ever range of colours made from the maximum amount of organic ingredients and minimum amount of chemicals. It is kind to your hair, leaving it silky soft and is completely cruelty free. Win win!

PDB Hair, Birmingham 

PDB Hair is an organic, biodynamic and vegan salon using only the most natural hair colours and products available. They strive to use as little chemicals as possible making it safer for the client and more environmentally positive.



Crop Salon, Los Angeles 

Started in 2006 when there were far less organic products available, founder Deborah Kantner had just lost both parents to cancer and was battling her own illness, when she decided to forge ahead in a holistic, natural and sustainable way. Crop is vegan-friendly and ensures no products used are tested on animals.

Hair By Bobby at Organic Lounge 11, New York 

Having worked in Japan, Bobby Fintor learnt not only Asian techniques of styling hair, but also developed an acute understanding of how chemicals found in most hair products have a serious negative impact on the environment. Hence his dedication to using only planet friendly products in the salon.

The Parlour St Johns Cruelty-Free Hair, Oregon

Proud about their cruelty-free stance, this salon welcomes its visitors into a friendly and warm atmosphere. Only vegan products are used and a variety of treatments are offerend in this eco-conscious space.



That Vegan Hairdresser,Victoria

Known as Australia’s first 100% vegan concept salon, they offer exciting services from haircare to environmentally friendly body jewellery. From the food and drink offered in the salon down to the products used, it is a completely animal-friendly space.



The Kind Hair Shop, Toronto 

From the sustainable colour lines, to the vegan products used in the studio, The Kind Hair Shop’s goal is to be kind to your hair, whilst being kind to the environment and animals. Definitely a motto we can get on board with!



The Building, Amsterdam 

Delving into the idea that we all have an emotional attachment with our hair, The Building has created a relaxed environment to help people comfortably explore their identity with creative services and styles, with a vast vegan line of products.



Atelier Bio-T, Paris  

This vegan hair salon owned by hair dresser to the stars Christophe-Nicolas Biot is a glamourous Parisian space, with an old school New York sense of sophistication and starlet-appeal. Expect a bespoke cruelty-free colour in a relaxed yet luxurious setting.



Ecohair, Stockholm

This planet-friendly salon offers a range of services from cuts for men, women and children to colour and bridal hair, and all the products used in this luxe salon are natural, organic and preservatives – and they are of course all cruelty-free.



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Header photo by Guilherme Petri via Unsplash. Second photo by Social Butterfly via Pixabay

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Lauren Wigley

A passionate vegan and serious animal lover, Lauren is a beauty fanatic with a passion for mindfulness and nature. Loving dog mum to Jack Russell Penny, she lives in London where she is constantly on the hunt for the latest in cruelty free beauty, yoga classes and tasty vegan snacks to share with the world via lifestyle blog

  1. Love the products and have found 2 local salons in PA near Philadelphia that provide Organic Colour Systems. I’m looking for the double whammy in a salon great color and artistry in cut and blow dry. I welcome any recommendations 👍🏼🌹

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