Faux Leather Weather: The Best Vegan Leather Jackets For Spring

February is almost over and biker-jacket temperatures will be upon us before we know it. As animal-derived leather is beginning to become known for its staggering environmental impact – the 2017 Pulse of Fashion Industry Report put cow leather at the very top of its list of most polluting materials for cradle-to-gate enviromental impact due to the damaging effects of raising animals for their skins – more and more fashion lovers are looking for faux. Retail shops everywhere are overflowing with faux-leather designs, but as tempting as it might be to snap up a cheap pleather number, do keep in mind that faux leather can come with its very own set of environmental issues – toxic chemicals and non-biodegradable fabrics contribute to the imminent pollution crisis in a way that the fashion industry can no longer afford to ignore. But the choice is no longer between cow skin and PVC – today’s advanced and sophisticated vegan materials are ethically produced without an ounce of animal skin. See below for our top picks.

Star Biker, Dauntless

NYC brand Dauntless is all about the perfect biker jacket. Leading with its classic Moto design, the label has now diversified into several different patterns and designs, including this star-studded style. The range is completely free from eco-villain material PVC and puts durability at the top of their list of priorities, meaning that your jacket is likely to stand the test of time.


Ellie Biker, James & Co

This cropped and wax-washed design comes courtesy of Australian brand James & Co – a PETA-approved vegan that donates 5% of all sales to organisations that work with mental health and suicide prevention. And if that wasn’t enough, they are also launching jackets in pineapple leather soon – watch this space.


Dolma, Fauxgerty

Made in faux leather and vegan suede that’s 80% recycled pre-consumer waste polyester, this design is locally produced in Los Angeles. If you’re tired of black but don’t feel ready for full-on colour, this might be a nice transition.


Natural Romance Vegan Leather Jacket, BlankNYC

This design, on the other hand, is 100% for those who want to stand out. A true statement piece, this PVC-free style is embellished with delicate floral embroidery alongside toughened-up stud detailing. Style with simple basics to let the jacket take centre stage.


Cassandre, Ovide

French brand Ovide has created the ultimate sustainable biker – made from cork! This recyclable, renewable material sourced from Portugal has been a game-changer in eco-friendly accessories for a long time, and Ovide is now applying it to apparel as well. We’d throw this on over a LBD and some ankle boots.


Teddy Brady, Poétique Paris

Another innovative design, this Parisienne-chic style is made from cotton-based suede, with sleeves in apple leather. All materials have been sourced from European suppliers and the brand takes utmost care when monitoring its responsible production chain.


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Header photo by Marina Vusyatitska via Unsplash

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