LUSH Has Launched Plastic-Free Highlighters and We Are So Excited

Thank you to LUSH for providing the highlighter range for review.

Back when virturally no brands displayed the word “vegan” on their packaging, before cosmetics companies knew little to nothing about what “cruelty-free” stood for, there was LUSH. The beauty company known for its distinctively smelling shops, natural ingredients and a planet-first approach to packaging has always been at the forefront of new developments in conscious, compassionate beauty – and they’ve made a name for themselves by making eco-friendly beauty products cool (raise your hand if you loved the novelty of their bottle-free shampoo bars back in the day, or if you’ve ever taken five empty pots back to the shop to be recycled and got a free face mask in return!). And now that plastic pollution is the issue on everyone’s lips, LUSH is once again offering a solution.

The Range: Glow Sticks

LUSH’s new Glow Sticks are a range of vegan, cruelty-free and zero-waste solid highlighters. There are five different highlighters available, which are all inspired by different coloured plumage of birds (how adorable is that?). The name of each highlighter is not only inspired by Lush co-founder Mark Constantine’s love of nature, but also celebrates the diversity found in nature.

What’s so unique about this range is that it’s completely free from plastic packaging (like 90% of LUSH’s products, the Glow Sticks are packaged in recycled materials). The glitter found in cosmetics is usually made of plastic, but Glow Sticks are made with lab-made mica, which is purer and brighter than natural mica. Synthetic mica also has a more uniform finish and does not contain any rough edges, making it particularly suitable for makeup products used on the face.

The Shades

Rock Dove, a light lilac plumage-inspired shimmer for an urban-grunge look. Use gently for a feather-light sheen, or be more heavy-handed for an eye-catching wash of amethyst.

Robin, a glittery pink glow for a radiant, fresh-faced appeal. Wear this to create that “just in from an autumn walk” rosy-cheeked look.

Lark, a champagne-hued glimmer with silver undertones. Add luminosity to any makeup look with this radiant hint of light. 

Ibis, a warm pink gloss that gives you that dewy finish with a hint of soft rose sparkle.

Peacock, a blue green holographic shimmer. This bold shade makes for a head-turning effect that can be subtle, but never boring.

Glow Sticks are versatile and multi-use; they can be applied to the cheeks, lips, eyes, browbone or anywhere else you want to shimmer or sparkle. The effect is buildable and the highlighters can be layered to create different looks. You can apply the product to your fingertips or a brush and then dab onto the skin, or you can apply directly to the skin and then blend with your fingers, a brush or beauty blender. The ends of Glow Sticks are dipped in vegan wax to make application easy and keep your hands clean. The wax is also peelable so you can use up every last bit of the product.

Luxurious argan oil, expertly harvested by a women’s co-operative in Morocco, provides the base for Glow Sticks, which helps to strengthen and condition the complexion. Organic, extra virgin coconut oil sourced from Nias, Indonesia is also added for its skin-softening properies. Sourcing raw materials from projects supporting women in work and children in education is a key focus in the formulation of Lush’s new makeup. 10% of profits from the purchase of this coconut oil go directly to support a not-for-profit organisation that funds literacy classes and a dentist on the island of Nias.


Find the Glow Sticks here.


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Compiled by Wellness Editor Jessica Sjoholm and Founding Editor Sascha Camilli. All photos by Jessica Sjoholm.

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