Go to Gate: Five Vegan Must-Haves in Your Carry-On

what to pack hand luggage

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As someone who spends a lot of  time on the go, I’ve had to change my approach to packing in order to be more space-efficient and effective. In my previous life, I was a chronic over-packer – I think many of us can relate to desperately trying to sneak those ridiculously high (but beautiful) heels in our suitcases, just in case – but learning how to streamline my carry-on has made me a more efficient and happier traveller.

Over the past twelve months of frequently travelling for work, I’ve not only gotten to grips with being realistic about what I should be taking away with me, but I’ve also realised what products are essential in order to look and feel my best while on the go. Not only do my go-to hand luggage items save me space, they also help to create a pleasurable and uplifting experience for me, banishing the stress of a long haul (the jet lag is painful enough).

So, without further ado, here are my top five must-have vegan-friendly items to pack in your hand luggage.


The Skin Saviour: Lush A Breath Of Fresh Air Toner

Skin really suffers on flights, especially long-haul trips. Even if you don’t wear make-up when travelling, the dry air can really dehydrate your face, leaving it tight and uncomfortable. Lush offer a range of toners that work to refresh the skin in just a couple of spritzes – best applied to a make-up free base. A Breath Of Fresh Air helps to nourish skin, while the scent transports you to an exotic, beach-side destination.


The A-List AccessoryMatt & Nat Tamara tote

If you’re traveling for business rather than pleasure and want to catch up with some work on the plane, you need a sturdy, yet stylish bag to carry your laptop, iPad and agenda in. Matt & Nat carry a variety of laptop-friendly bags that not only look fantastic (and will have everyone on the plane asking where your bag is from and marvelling at the fact that it’s leather-free) but will also protect your devices due to the various compartments within the bags.


The Mini Marvel: Stella McCartney Falabella Card Holder

We all love small, sleek handbags, but trying to cram a wallet into one can easily turn into a challenge. Instead, opt for this uber-chic, perfectly-sized card holder from Stella McCartney. It’s ideal for keeping cards and cash in, plus it doesn’t take up much room or weight.



The Energiser: Clif Bar

You can get vegan meals on various airlines (one of my favourites is Turkish Airlines), but if your flight is only a couple of hours long, you can get stuck looking for suitable food off the standard café menu. Clif Bars are small enough to keep in your hand luggage, but filling enough to keep you full for hours. Seriously – they are the ultimate life-saver when there are no substantial options available.



The Instant Freshener: Tints of Nature Dry Shampoo

Say goodbye to distressed travel locks and hello to luscious, perfumed tresses with this instantly refreshing dry shampoo. Unlike your typical aerosol dry shampoos, Tints of Nature’s product is light and breezy, thanks to its multi-directional pump – which is also  non-invasive to other passengers (always a plus).

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