Fashion Diary: A Week in the Life of Vegan Fashion Blogger Christina Pippin

Following the launch of our Fashion Diary series with celeb stylist Holly Ounstead, we are now happy to present the next instalment in this vegan style series: a Fashion Diary with Vilda staffer and ethical style blogger Christina Pippin. 

I like to say that before I knew the camel to be a hoofed desert mammal, I knew it be a neutral and versatile colour that pairs well with most hues in one’s wardrobe. I’ve been reading VOGUE since the age of 14 and while I never felt the need to look like anyone I saw in the glossy magazines, I always found endless artistic inspiration for dressing in ways that reflected my own reticent, yet creative personality. It’s the reason why I dress up whenever I want to – I never need an excuse.

Today I look to vegan fashion magazines like Vilda, Vegan Good Life and Laika for ethical style inspiration, because I want the clothes I wear to reflect my values of peace and compassion for people, animals and the planet. I let my passion for fashion and animals flow over at my site Eco Voyage, where I like to show that whatever look you’re seeking, you can find a version in which no workers or animals were harmed in the production.

American philosopher and animal rights activist Tom Regan once observed, “The philosophy of animal rights extends the philosophy of peace beyond the boundaries of our species.” Something as innocuous as getting dressed in the morning can have a profound impact on our fragile ecosystems, on workers across the world, and on the earth’s natural resources, so I try to shed light on these issues in a positive and upbeat way on my blog.

I live in France, where the weather is moderate, so I get to really take my capsule wardrobe from season to season by layering. This means that I have a small wardrobe, but I invest in quality pieces that are truly hardworking and wonderfully multitasking. I save up to buy big-ticket items, and this has taught me patience and has also evolved my consumer habits. I love to spend my money on experiences like travel, rather than adding more items to my wardrobe. The items that do make it there are required to be fun, comfortable, long-lasting pieces fit for an active lifestyle.


My wardrobe is all vegan and vintage, and it took me a while to get to the wardrobe I wanted. Slow fashion epitomises the tenets of slow living – I like to save for the perfect item that will work in myriad ways within my wardrobe, and I love thrifting at secondhand stores, charity shops and vintage boutiques. Thrifing is my life! Actress Eva Mendez once described herself as a latent archaeologist because she loves to dig for fashion treasures. This is a vintage dress with a graphic print from Mad Vintage Paris paired with a thrifted faux leather moto jacket and a vegan cross-body bag from Angela Roi.


I love a simple black top or white tee to pair with my midi skirts, pencils, and jeans. This organic cotton top from Prairie Underground pairs well with  everything in my wardrobe. Black is my favorite colour; most days I wake up and reach for this inky hue as I feel most confident in it.


Rainy days in Paris are great museum days. Here I paired a hand-me-down graphic tee with a vintage midi skirt and a well-worn denim jacket I’ve owned for more than 20 years! It has holes and rips throughout, the kind that people pay for, but mine came via years of work and play. The sneakers were bought at a Paris flea market from a young boy who sold them for one euro. While white sneakers are very on-trend, I like to follow my nose when it comes to fashion. I do what feels right for me, and on this day, I felt like a pop of colour to add a little zest to my monochromatic outfit.


When I visit family in Chicago, the windy days there require bundling and layering. This is a vintage top from Free P Star and a skirt from Chine Machine, both thrift shops in Paris. I always keep a denim jacket handy – it’s a cool, multi-tasking wardrobe staple: I layer the denim under a moto jacket when temperatures drop. The boots are from a fantastic vegan, sustainable and female owned brand Bhava – this label has been putting out design-led, comfortable footwear year after year. This is where I’m coming for the perfect wedding shoes as I plan my big day!


Here’s an entirely pre-loved ensemble. I buy my tees from a fab ethical retailer Free Set, but they were out of white in my size, so I thrifted this one for one dollar at Saint Vincent DePaul Thrift Shop in Chicago. That’s where I scored this vintage cocoon coat, in mint condition and immaculately crafted, for $5. The secondhand jeans are from Crossroads Trading in Chicago, a great place to consign clothes for cash or in-store credit. I used my store credit to purchase my denim. The animal-friendly sneakers are from Calzados Victoria.

For more from Christina, check out her ethical and cruelty-free blog at Eco Voyage or find her on decked out in vintage, vegan fashion on Instagram

Images by Cats Like Scotch and A. Smith

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Christina Pippin

Christina is an artist, educator and freelance writer who divides her time between Paris and Chicago. She believes in using creativity as a medium for change. she believes in everyday heroes, and she believes in the power of love. She curates a cruelty-free + ethical style guide at Eco Voyage

  1. Liked what I saw and read, you are very creative and your photos were stunning. For a minute I thought I was seeing Helen in that photo where you are wearing the coat.
    Never thought recycling could be so much fun. Keep up the good writing.
    G Sosa

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