Heatless Hair Styling Tools That Your Locks Will Love

Around the start of 2017, two unrelated but significant things happened to me. I got a way-too-short haircut, and I became pregnant (okay, pregnancy is way more significant than a haircut, but hair means a lot to many of us!). During pregnancy, my hair looked extra thick and healthy—partly because I was too tired to bother with heat styling—but it didn’t seem to budge lengthwise. I realise this is probably impossible, and I’m sure it did grow some, but not as much as I expected. Then my beautiful baby came in October, and overnight I seemed to have long hair again. I kid you not, the mysteries of building a human are endless!

Flash forward to 2018. While my new years’ resolutions usually revolve around some relatively weighty facet of self-improvement (staying on top of finances, being more mindful, etc.), I figured that adjusting to life with a child was plenty in that department! I was going to do something fun this year, and thus, 2018 became the year I planned to devote to taking excellent care of my hair (perhaps finally master the whole hot oil mask thing), and learn a few basic, flattering styles.

To those ends, I invested in a few heatless styling tools to help me create chic (but not time-consuming) updos and half-updos and curls that can form while I’m doing something else…like sleeping.

Aside from the time aspect, there was also the damage factor: most of us know about how harmful heat styling can be to hair, but we still have a hard time giving up those straighteners. Well, OD:ing on the heat can cause structural damage to the proteins that make up the hair itself, and make your hair cuticles more rough, resulting in a good-bye to that smooth, glossy look we’re all coveting. So your hair will thank you for stepping away from the curling iron and investing in some heat-free tools. 

Finding those products was easier said than done, however. The beauty industry is flooded with dozens of style-while-you-sleep tools and too-good-to-be-true styling bobbles. I needed something that could cope with my thick, straight hair. After reading several reviews, I landed on Invisibobles and Curlformers.

When you’re really short on time, Invisibobbles are a life-saver. Created to hold your hair without leaving any kinks or damaging strands, Invisibobbles have a smooth surface that won’t cause tangles in dry or wet hair. With a little creativity, you can create beautiful looks with just Invisibobbles—and skip bobby pins and metal clips, which can be hard on hair, and let’s be honest, fickle and frustrating (Invisibobbles also double up as wrist accessories!).

Depending on the styles you want to create and your hair type, you can select from different kinds of Invisibobbles—Power (perfect for workout and thick, long hair), Original (an excellent swap for your basic hair tie), Slim (created for ultimate comfort and hair that doesn’t demand a lot of support), and Nano (great for braids and half up-dos).

The Inivisbobble site features several tutorials that demonstrate how to create various styles with Invisibobbles, including a classic bun and this Brigitte Bardot-inspired style. Invisibobbles come in colours that camouflage well (clear, brown, blonde, and black) as well as fun colours, including the line’s limited edition series (like “Hawkwardly Good-Looking” from the limited edition Circus series).

The next tool that I added to my arsenal was a set of Curlformers. These are a bit more costly than your average set of curlers, but these seemed more promising than the other options popping up in my Instagram adds. Curlformers have been featured in ELLE and Brides as well as several popular hair blogs. They’re gentle enough to use on toddlers but apparently effective enough to deliver beautiful wedding-day styles.

There are three options for Curlformers: Barrel curls, Spiral curls, and Corkscrew curls. Invisibobbles work on all textures of hair. Since I’m so used to creating curls with a classic curling iron, I went for the Barrel curls.

Curlformers follow the same principle as all sleep-in curlers—apply to damp hair, allow hair to dry while you sleep, and reveal beautiful, bouncy curls. The innovative part is their thick mesh fabric, which firmly holds hair to create long-lasting curls while allowing hair to dry evenly.

While I’m still learning how best to use these tools with my hair (and waiting out the good ol’ postpartum hair loss period), I think The Year of Hair has gotten off to a great start.

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Photos by author and courtesy of Invisibobbles 

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Mary Hood Luttrell

Beauty Editor

Mary Hood Luttrell is a vegan beauty enthusiast living in Corpus Christi, Texas with her husband and standoffish but lovable cat. Mary enjoys cooking veggie-filled dishes and practicing yoga and ballet. She is the Beauty Editor at Peaceful Dumpling and a writer at Barbara Michelle Jacobs and Debb Report.

  1. I’ve been so curious to try both of these!! I’ve seen the invisibobble around and couldn’t justify spending $10 on a hair tie but I had no idea you can do all sorts of hairstyles with them! Good to know =)

  2. Hi Vicky! Yes, the invisibobbles are a lot of fun! So far they’ve been really gentle on my hair, and I’ve been experimenting with the nanos to create cute half up-dos 🙂 I hope they work out for you!

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