Seven Ethical Vegan LBDs You Need In Your Life

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If you followed the Golden Globes this week, you couldn’t have missed the fact that the majority of the female celebs showed up to the awards in black dresses to honour the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements against sexual harassment of women.

It is remarkable that among all the symbols of strength, rebellion and union that these women could have chosen, they opted for black dresses. One would perhaps imagine something a bit more explicitly stand-taking, a more blatant statement piece – but if you think about it, no garment is more suitable for an occasion in which you wish to appear secure, confident and strong in yourself than a black dress.

The classically feminine garment, often described as a “must-have in every woman’s wardrobe”, has truly stood the test of time. From the inception of the garment as one of the building blocks of the female wardrobe as introduced by Coco Chanel in the 20s, through its glamorous era as interpreted by Christian Dior in his New Look phase, and worn by Audrey Hepburn’s unforgettable Holly Golightly, it’s always been the demurely chic woman’s choice. It has no need to proclaim, “Look at me” – the job of this dress is to subtly enhance the wearer. And this is perhaps why it has become such a classic.

For vegans, LBD shopping has always been relatively easy, at least if compared to other trickier shopping endeavours. What you consistently need to look out for is silk, which can sometimes creep into slinkier chiffon and georgette materials. Also, during these chillier times, wool can be found in some blended fabrics. But on the whole, vegan LBDs are simple to find, and coupling your vegan ethics with a sustainable mindset has never been easier – just look at our selections that will take you from Monday morning meeting to Saturday night cocktails with effortless style.


Fiona LBD, Bead & Reel

The perfect weekend LBD for when you want to look casual yet put-together. This skater-style dress is made from an organic cotton and bamboo blend, and produced on Cape Cod.


Long-Sleeve Shift Dress, Everlane

The perfect office dress.  The sturdy fabric gives the design some structure, while the bell sleeves offer a slightly different shape to the traditional shift. Add pumps or ankle boots.



Candace Dress, People Tree

This design shows some skin while staying demure. Made from Tencel and organic cotton, this style from People Tree is currently on sale!


Coco Dress, Nou-Menon

Dutch vegan brand Nou-Menon specialises in contemporary urban designs for conscious consumers. This ramie and cotton dress balances the sexy side split with a more conservative high neckline.


Maribel Dress, Amour Vert

A shirt dress is a great addition to any wardrobe: wear it with boots and tights in the winter, or add sandals and a cross-body bag for warmer days. It’s the ultimate in chic versatility.


Finch Dress, Reformation

For the night out when you want to look cool without seeming like you tried too hard. This dress is simple and straightforward, with the sleeve ruffles as its only embellishment. And what’s more amazing about it is that choosing this dress over one from a non-sustainable label saves water, waste and carbon dioxide.


Lace Overlay Dress, Mata Traders

Need something strictly for evening? Our top choice is lace – its seductive appeal is second to none. This number from Mata Traders was made by a Fair Trade women’s cooperative in India.


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Header photo by Khusten Rustamov via Pixabay

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