Three Shortcuts To Perfect Holiday Style (that you will want to wear again!)

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The holiday period is one of the (relatively few) occasions when you can REALLY dress up. We mean go all-out with sparkle, shine and glamour. Or, you know, just reach for a dress rather than your usual jeans and a knit. But whether you’re glamming it up or just experimenting with something slightly more extravagant, our personal outfit goal is always this: to create a look that we want to wear for multiple occasions. Nothing is worse than that dress you only wore to that one party and then left to collect dust at the bottom of your wardrobe – and it’s definitely not the eco-fashionista’s choice. So we put together a few outfits that you can wear again and again, into the New Year and beyond.




Sica Schmitz, Fashion Editor: “My favourite holiday look is one you can wear multiple times! In fact, I’ve found ten ways to wear this versatile and festive dress.”

Orgotton Infinity Dress, Bead and Reel

Hey Simone Heels, SUSI Studio

Lavender Crush Sorrento Necklace, Bead & Reel

Heather Khaki Coat, Jakke





Olivia Kahlin, Stylist & Fashion Writer: “This is a perfect outfit for a holiday brunch with your friends – believe it or not, these sparkly trousers can be worn by day as well as by night, if you style them correctly.”

High-Rise Sparkle Striped Culotte Pant, Urban Outfitters

Alice Long-Sleeve Top, Weekday

White Platform Sneakers, Superga at Green Laces




Sascha Camilli, Founding Editor: “To truly indulge in sparkle and glamour this season, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress paired with killer heels. This goddess-inspired design is perfect for both summer and winter parties.”

Kylli Pleated Metallic Wrap Dress, Anthropologie

Paris Black Faux Snake Vegan Stilettos, Beyond Skin

Silver Mini Crescent Stud Earrings, MADE

Textured Crossbody Bag, The Lovely Things


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Header photo by Tessa Rampersad via Unsplash.

Compiled by Style Writer Olivia Kahlin, Fashion Editor Sica Schmitz and Founding Editor Sascha Camilli.

Collages created by Art Director Emilee Seymour.

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