One Bag, Two Ways: Botza, The Brand That Creates Reversible Vegan Bags

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Two vegan bags for the price of one? Yes, please! That’s the kind of deal that might seem to good to be true – but new Hungarian vegan fashion brand Botza offers a range of high-end vegan bags that can be reversed for maximum versatility. The brand’s Indiegogo campaign launched this week, and they are proud to present four designs – the backpack, the bucket bag, the tote and the clutch – that together will make up a complete vegan accessory wardrobe.

“Other than targeting a niche market in the industry, our goal is to show people the advantages of cruelty free fashion,” say the Botza team. “With today’s fast-growing technology, there is a greater demand for innovative environmental friendly materials in the fashion industry as well. For that reason, we work with high- quality premium vegan leather exclusively. We want to line up next to those designers who recognize that ethical fabrics are environmental friendly fabrics as well.”

Each design comes with a removable interior purse which can be used separately on its own. Removable straps matching both sides ensure a sleek look after the bag is reversed. ​Each side has pockets, which continue to function as inside pockets when the bag is reversed.

The prints and colours are versatile and easy to match, but at the same time they subtly stand out from the crowd: the rounded studs, the mock-croc texture, the snake print and of course sleek black and gray offer the chance to choose between subdued chic and a statement piece.

The Designs

The Bucket bag is the perfect fit if you’re looking for a more modest-sized bag (shoulders tired from that oversized tote? Yeah, us too). Don’t be fooled by its petite demeanor, though: this bag is seriously roomy on the inside. One side is uni-colour, while reverse offers a print or a studded texture.

Colours available: gray with studded reverse, black with croc reverse, silver-tone with snake-print reverse


The Backpack is one of the most practical designs you could choose (hello, both hands free!), and this design effortlessly combines style with functionality. The colours of the backpack are carefully chosen to give you two unique looks, but matching details appear on both sides.

Colours available: silver-tone with studded reverse, cream with croc reverse, black wtih snake-print reverse


The Tote bag is roomy enough to fit a laptop and everything else you need for a whole day. One side is toned down with an office-appropriate uni-colour, while the other side is features a playful print for after work.

It also features a  spacious removable bag that features an extra strap so it can be used separately on its own as a shoulder bag. So this design actually offers you three bags in one. Not bad.

Colours available: black with snake-print reverse, silver-tone with studded reverse, gray with snake-print reverse, black with croc reverse


The Clutch is the obvious choice for evening, but is versatile enough to be used in the daytime as well as after dark. ​One side has a pocket which continues to function as an inside pocket when the bag is turned inside out. It comes with a removable purse which you can use separately on its own.

Colours available: black with snake-print reverse, cream with croc reverse, black croc with green croc reverse

The fashionistas behind the collection

The team behind the bags are the dynamic duo of Nora Botos and Fanni Szalai (Botza is a combination of their surnames) who have been best friends for over twenty years. For this collection their inspiration was – you guessed it – the fabulous world of reptiles.




You can back Botza’s Indiegogo campaign here, and their bags will be available for shipping in May 2018 (but hey, you can preorder them now. Shop away!).


All photos courtesy of Botza

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