You Have To See This Blogger’s Vegan Recreations of Celebrity Outfits

Klara as Michelle Pfeiffer

Blogger Klara Tavakoli Goesche, a regular in VildaOOTD edits, takes fashion blogging one step further than your typical outfit-posting, latte-chugging fashionista. On Just Easy Nice, she shares veganised style recreations of iconic celebrity looks in order to show the world that you certainly don’t need animal products to be fashionable. “By tagging the celebrity or style icon whose style I was recreating, I figured I would reach more people who might not have otherwise realized that dressing in every style imaginable is possible as a vegan”, she says. Combining vintage clothing with new pieces from brands like Denise Roobol or LaBante London, the fashion blogger does not only copy celebrity outfits, but recreate them in a very personal and unique way.

Klara as Pattie Boyd

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Klara has lived in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco before recently moving to Berlin, where she now shares a home with her husband and their two cats. Before she launched Just Easy Nice in 2015, she had written for a retro entertainment blog and was hired to write about vintage fashion for an online news site, all while being a passionate animal rights activist and advocate. We wanted to know more about her and met her for an inspiring chat!

Klara as Audrey Hepburn

Dear Klara, what was the idea behind your blog?

I started Just Easy Nice because I realised I should create a blog to focus solely on my activism by way of vegan fashion. Since the vegan way of life isn’t instinctive for everyone, I wanted to share my insights and tips to help guide others to make more just choices. What I then began to do on the blog was a synthesis of my retro fashion background, entertainment background and vegan activism.

How long have you been vegan?

I first went 100 % vegan before the turn of the millennium. I wore a lot of vintage items back then, so my clothing was on the ‘sustainable’ spectrum. Around 2012, the idea and look of animal leather made me feel sick. I found my transition away from all animal materials (leather, silk and wool) far easier than I’d imagined. I like helping other people understand how easy it is to stop supporting the exploitation of animals for fashion.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very much a mixture of retro looks from the late-1960s, the 1970s and the early-1980s.To which of those eras I gravitate can depend on the season or my mood.

Klara as Twiggy

What are your favourite brands?

As far as vegan brands, I’ve loved and used LaBante London and Denise Roobol for bags, Susi Studio and Mireia Playa for shoes. I have a list of other brands I want to buy from, like Nicora and Bourgeois Boheme. There are so many great vegan brands popping up all the time. For high fashion, Stella McCartney is still the only one – I like that she doesn’t use animal skin for leather, but once her brand goes completely wool and silk free I’ll like her more. For online shopping I love Free People, ASOS and New Look. There are plenty of animal-friendly products on those sites and it’s easy to check the descriptions to make sure you’re buying items made out of fabric, not animals.

Any suggestions for vegan shopping in Berlin?

I tend to go shopping in Mitte if I ever want to buy something and I gravitate to & Other Stories for tops, blouses and dresses. But I always have to check labels there. It’s a nice feeling when the specific dress I want also happens to be animal-friendly.

Can you share a styling advice with us?

The advice that’s consistent to my blog is that being vegan doesn’t mean having to alter the vision you have for your style. People can design, create, shop, and wear anything imaginable without ever involving animals. And you can always find interesting solutions as you build your animal-friendly wardrobe. If you don’t have a vegan belt, for example, use a scarf or bandana: Pull it through the front two belt loops, tie it in a knot and voila.

A fashion piece, you could never live without…?

Flared jeans.

Klara as Jean Shrimpton

Who inspires you?

The one person who has consistently inspired me throughout my life is Mr. Rogers, a public television children’s show host from the late-1960s until 2001. My first jobs were working at public television shows because of his influence. Much of what I do on Just Easy Nice is inspired by him. There are plenty of people who have inspired me in other ways – in terms of my look and style and also in terms of my work as a videographer and editor. But in terms of who I am as an individual, Fred Rogers has always inspired me most of all.

We love how you veganise celebrity looks! Whose look is next?

I have four new retro veganised looks from some serious icons: Twiggy, Pattie Boyd, Audrey Hepburn, and Michelle Pfeiffer! 


That’s some serious style inspiration right there. Follow Klara on Instagram here

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Elisa was born in Hamburg, lived in Berlin and Luxemburg and then returned to her beloved hometown, where she studied fashion journalism and now works as an editor. She is passionate about cooking (and eating) healthy vegan foods, the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, boys with tattoos, punk music and animals, especially (her own two) cats.

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