Cruelty-Free Manicure and Relaxing Meditation Session at Sundays Nail Studio

This experience review was kindly offered by Sundays Nail Studio, New York

After a particularly long and tiring week, I took the first Saturday I had off in a long while to go visit Sundays Nail Studio, located in the heart of the Flatiron district in New York City – a unique salon experience combining cruelty-free manicures with meditation!

The space inspires calmness and serenity from the moment you walk in, with minimalist, Danish-inspired decor.

Unlike other nail salons, there is no lingering chemical odour – the only scent inside Sundays is that of the delicious soy-based candles. The other thing that doesn’t linger at Sundays is doubt: since it’s the first vegan nail salon in the city, visiting Sundays means no wondering what is lurking in the products being used or lugging your own beauty products from home just to make sure.  Sundays was created to solve a huge problem that exists in the nail industry – ingredients that are toxic and can harm both the customer and the employee. All products inside this studio, from the jewel-toned polishes to the silky cuticle cream, are non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan.


Adding to the wellness benefits that come with a visit is the special two-in-one meditation manicure offered at the salon.  After noticing the number of clients who close their eyes during a manicure, Sundays founder Amy Ling Lin decided that adding guided meditation would be the perfect way to round out a trip to the salon. “It’s the perfect moment where you can get relaxed and be in your own zone”.

Mediation headphones slipped on, a cup of peach tea nearby, I decided to see how mediating at a nail salon would feel – and the answer was wonderful. Meditation is something I have on my list of things I need to try more often. The guided meditation offered in the two-in-one is the perfect amount of time: it’s brief enough  to enhance your overall experience, and curated in an accessible way in order to not feel too intimidating. 

The nail game is on point at Sundays as well. As someone who has spent more than half her life sitting in various nail salons and studios in New York City, I can say the nail technicians at Sundays know their stuff. My nails were expertly shaped and buffed, while I focused on not focusing, listened to my breathing and centered myself.

The hand massage was lovely and one of the better ones I have ever had. I left the salon feeling energised, clear-headed and refreshed. Ready to attack the week! 

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Djuna Da Silva

Fashion Writer

Djuna Da Silva is co founder and creative director of Djuna Shay, a high-end sustainable and vegan brand made in the USA. Creating cool stuff, not cruel stuff, through custom textiles and luxe fabrics, Djuna is an animal-obsessed native New Yorker, who drinks a lot of coffee.

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