Our Dream Travel Destinations, by Team Vilda

Losing ourselves in dreams of exploring the world is one of the main passions of Team Vilda! Most of us are keen travellers and are always on the lookout for new destinations to discover, whether it’s all about active holidays, sightseeing or chilling on the beach. Being an ethical traveller is important to us, as is discovering new vegan delicacies and hunting for up-and-coming wellness trends while on the road. Some of the team share their dream destinations for this summer – read and be inspired.


“I really want to go to Palitana, India – the first all-vegetarian city in the world. I would love to explore the temples, learn more about Jainism, and take a bunch of yoga classes. And eat all the vegan food, of course. Dream holiday!”

-Sica Schmitz, Fashion Editor


“I would love to visit The Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, CA. It looks really dreamy–a perfect escape from the daily chaos. Plus, this eco resort composts their food, uses energy conservation initiatives to power the resort, and grows a garden for farm-to-table produce. Their restaurant is vegan, too!”

-Mary Hood Luttrell, Beauty Editor


“I’d love to visit Costa Rica and join a marine turtle conservation retreat. Waterfalls, vulcanoes, the multiple time awarded happiest place on Earth. What else can you wish for? I would also like to make it an active holiday and go hiking, cycling and running on the beach at sunset”

-Giulia Panna, Innovation Officer



“I’m dreaming of wandering around Florence for an entire week, taking in its art, architecture and gardens – then travelling by train to the Cinque Terre to spend another week walking the trail from town to town. 

Veggie Hotels led me to Velona’s Jungle, an extravagantly-designed hotel right in the centre of Florence, with walls and furnishings adorned with tropical leaves and leopard print. Sustainable travel is their ethic, featuring and promoting locally-sourced and organic products, and serving vegan breakfast until midday, which is how all hotels should be, really!

There are ten vegan-friendly Florentine ice cream shops listed on HappyCow  – such as Edoardo, which is all organic and located right in front of the Duomo. I admit there is some risk of me subsisting solely on breakfast and gelato for the duration of my dream vacation, but once I make it to Monterosso al Mare, it’ll be all focaccia, farinata and leafy salads featuring plenty of local olives, I promise. And maybe just one glass of wine on the terrace above Vernazza’s sandy beach, after a nice long swim.”

-Emilee Seymour, Art Director


“I am actually lucky enough to be going on my dream holiday this summer! I will join the lovely and inspiring Shari, founder of Sole Yoga Holidays, on a retreat in beautiful Positano on the Amalfi coast. This retreat will be hosted at La Selva retreat centre on a hilltop – I can’t wait to explore this location, indulge in delicious vegan food and strengthen my yoga practice!”

-Sascha Camilli, Founding Editor


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Photos by Toa Heftiba and Annie Spratt via Unsplash



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