How Crystals Can Help You Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is an extremely common health complaint; millions of us have suffered from it at some point in our lives, with women being twice as likely to be diagnosed with a form of anxiety disorder than men.

For some people, anxiety is a familiar part of everyday life; for others, it rears its ugly head when triggered by certain events and situations. Phobias, travelling, health concerns, financial worries, job stress, lack of confidence and social situations are all common causes of anxiety. It can occur at any time in our lives, and indeed, at any time of the year. As we approach the summer season, images of long, hot days spent on the beach or in the park come to mind. However, whilst summer is a joyful time for many, not all of us can relax and spend the months happy and carefree. In a similar way that the cold, dark months can lead to the winter blues, too much sunlight can actually cause anxiety in some individuals, a rare condition known as reverse or summer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Whatever the cause of anxiety, there are many effective ways of coping with it. Using crystals is a gentle and holistic way to help deal with the symptoms of anxiety and promote positive feelings.

How Crystals Work

Although crystals aren’t intended to cure illness, many people find them helpful for improving their health and wellbeing, and to balance the energy in the mind, body and spirit. Crystals have been used as non-invasive healing tools for thousands of years. It is thought that they work through vibration, colour and their mineral content. Each crystal vibrates at its own unique frequency, and since crystals are usually formed deep inside the earth’s magnetic field, it makes sense that they absorb this energy.

If you’re used to working with energy through the likes of meditation, yoga or reiki, you are likely to be more sensitive to the energy that crystals emit. You might not feel anything at all when you hold a crystal however, and that’s completely fine too.

How to Use Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals are easily obtainable online or from local shops and can come in many forms including raw, unpolished chunks, smooth tumbled stones, heart-shaped palm stones, wands, in jewellery and more. It is up to you which form you buy the crystal in; go with your intuition and choose what feels right for you. Large crystals are great for placing in a room and smaller crystals are ideal for taking with you on the go, whilst crystal jewellery can be a stylish and subtle way to reap their benefits. The crystals listed below are some of the most commonly used stones for anxiety, however, you should always be guided by your instincts – if there is a crystal that you feel is better suited to you then use it!

The easiest way to use crystals for anxiety is to simply hold them or keep them in your pocket. If you are at home, you could lie down and place the crystals on your body; this method is especially beneficial when combined with meditation. You can also keep them close by, such as beside your bed or on your desk.

It is important to note that crystals are said to absorb negative energies, and it is therefore important to cleanse them regularly. The easiest way to do this is to hold them under running water until you feel that they have been sufficiently cleansed. You can also smudge them with incense, or simply use your intention to cleanse your crystals. You should cleanse crystals before and after using them, or at least once a day if using them regularly, to help keep the energy balanced.

Before using your crystals, you might like to ‘program’ them, by focusing on how you would like them to help you. For example, if you need help dealing with anxiety in a social situation, you could hold your chosen crystal and say something like: ‘I am calm, confident and in control.’

1. Green Aventurine

Best for: general anxiety

This green sparkly stone is a very calming crystal that encourages relaxation. It is said to protect, soothe and stimulate recovery of the emotions, making it an ideal stone for anxiety that is prolonged or has no apparent cause. Green aventurine is also considered a great crystal for boosting general health, and may therefore be beneficial for health worries.

2. Rose Quartz

Best for: travel anxiety

This pretty pink crystal is famed for its romantic properties, but it is also a brilliant stone to soothe anxiety. It helps to reduce stress, tension and phobias, and is a great crystal to take on holiday if you have a fear of flying or are prone to anxiety when travelling. It is a deeply calming stone and is excellent for promoting peaceful sleep – especially if you find it difficult to drift off in an unfamiliar environment.

3. Citrine

Best for: lack of confidence

Citrine is a type of quartz crystal that is regarded as a ‘feel better stone’. It boosts self-esteem, making it a great choice for improving confidence. It is said to promote enthusiasm and positivity, and would therefore be a helpful crystal when anxiety is causing negative thoughts and a lack of self-worth.

4. Turquoise

Best for: panic attacks

The calming colour of turquoise promotes serenity, allows relaxation and control of the emotions and helps combat panic attacks. It calms the nerves and dispels negative energy, and is a helpful crystal to use when faced with a fear of public speaking. Turquoise is said to promote strength and recovery from exhaustion, making it an ideal tool to help get through difficult times.

5. Quartz

Best for: burnout

Clear quartz is known as the master crystal as it can be used to assist with most health complaints and can enhance the properties of other crystals. Quartz is calming and promotes balance, strength and harmony, all qualities needed when suffering from anxiety caused by burnout. It helps to bring clarity, which is essential to help understand the cause of burnout and how to prevent it from reoccurring. Quartz is also helpful for releasing negative energy that may have been absorbed from others.


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