The Mac and Cheese Burger that Will Make All Your Friends Vegan

Take some crispy salad, toss in some fresh tomatoes, add creamy macaroni and cheese and turn that into a delicious Vegan Mac and Cheese burger. Does it sound like a dream? Well luckily it isn’t.

I was first introduced to this amazing burger a couple of years ago at a pub in London when I was a vegetarian. I’ve thought about it many times since and dreamt about finding it in a restaurant in Stockholm.

But it wasn’t until a few months ago that I got the brilliant idea to make the burger myself. And I think I can thank my plant-based lifestyle for that because since going vegan I’ve learnt that good plant-based food doesn’t always simply cross your path – you need to roll up your sleeves and do some restaurant research or make it yourself. And so I did.

When I veganised this Mac and Cheese Burger I didn’t just make it cruelty-free, I also made it even more delicious than the original burger that I had in London. And if you’re a chilli cheese lover I definitely think you will agree. This part is of course optional but if you add some minced jalapeños you’ll make the Mac and Cheese burger into a Chilli Cheese Burger. Yes, this is still not a dream!

So if you want to make your friends curious of your plant-based lifestyle at your next spring barbecue party, make this delicious Mac and Cheese Burger.


Ingredients for two burgers:
– 2 cups boiled macaroni
– 2 and 1/2 cups grated vegan cheese
– 2 tablespoon minced yellow onion
– 2 tablespoon minced jalapeño
– Salt and pepper
– Dairy-free butter for frying

To add with the burgers:
– Hamburger bread
– Salad
– Sliced tomatoes
– Ketchup
– Egg-free mayonnaise or your favourite sauce

Heat the macaroni, cheese and jalapeños in a pot until all the ingredients have melted together. Season with salt and pepper.

Let it cool and then form the mixture into burgers. Put the burgers on a plate and place them in the fridge.

When the burgers are cold and firm, fry them in dairy-free butter or oil in a frying pan.

Eat with bread (or switch the bread for salad), sliced tomatoes, ketchup, egg-free mayonnaise or other optional ingredients.

Have a great barbecue season!


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Sara Carraro

Food Editor

Sara Carraro is a vegan lifestyle blogger from Sweden with roots in Italy, Finland and family in Germany. She loves animals, plant-based food and fashion. Her mission is to inspire people to try vegan living by sharing recipes, cruelty free fashion, beauty tips and cute animal pictures. Mostly of her cat Dino. Her motto is “Peace, love and cruelty-free livning” and you can find her on her blog

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