International Women’s Day: Here are the Women Who Inspire Us


International Women’s Day: a day that reminds us how far we’ve come…and what a long way we’ve still got ahead of us in the fight for true equality. But this is also a day to remember that throughout the years, women have done incredible things for the world, for equality, humanity and the environment. Today, we celebrate a few of them.

Team Vilda on the women who inspire us:


Emma Watson – a young woman using her position to spread feminism (one example is through her work with HeforShe) and equality. She also recently started an Instagram account, @the_press_tour, where she shares ethical fashion brands. She’s definitely someone who inspires me!” 

– Olivia Kahlin, Fashion Writer


“While Alicia Silverstone is an amazing role model for vegans (thanks to her book and website, The Kind Diet and The Kind Life, respectively), she’s also an amazing source for women interested in natural childbirth with an emphasis on veganism and clean living. Her book The Kind Mama is well-researched yet accessible and empowers women to ask more questions of their care providers and become advocates for themselves and their families.”

– Mary Hood Luttrell, Beauty Editor


Hillary Clinton! She has endured so much public abuse and negativity and yet has continued to work towards her goals and be an advocate for so many vulnerable groups. The grace and poise with which she handled our 2016 election truly continues to inspire me every day. I hope to be as tough and as dignified as she is, and to follow her lead in never letting anyone stop me from trying to change the world.”

– Sica Schmitz, Fashion Editor


“One woman that has always really impressed and still inspires me is Susie Coston from Farm Sanctuary in New York. She has worked in animal liberation her whole life and she has seen so much suffering and cruelty – but despite all that, she is still one of the most positive and friendly human beings I have ever met. Her charisma is incredible and I wish I could only be a bit like her, instead of letting all the injustice of the world pull me down.”

– Elisa Brunke, Fashion & Lifestyle Writer


Rita Levi Montalcini – neurobiologist, senator, Nobel prize winner. She overcame preconceptions over women seen as wives, not doctors, as well as Mussolini’s law bumming Jews from universities. These things didn’t stop her from discovering the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) among other things. She never got married, nor did have children and when challenged responded: “I never had hesitation or regrets in this respect. My life has been enriched by excellent human relations, work and interests. I never felt lonely”. She is no longer with us but still inspires me every day.

“If I had not been discriminated against or had suffered prosecution, I would never have received the Nobel prize”

– Giulia Panna, Innovation Officer


Sojourner Truth: A woman of remarkable intelligence, strength, poise and self-confidence, Truth was an abolitionist and women’s rights activist who traveled across the country for thirty years denouncing slavery, advocating freedom and women’s suffrage in the nineteenth century. Born into slavery as Isabella, after escaping she transformed her identity and the landscape of American reform movements as Sojourner Truth. Her story is one of valor, hope and resilience.”

– Christina Pippin, Travel & Lifestyle Writer


“Being born with privilege can go two ways. Either you use it to get even more advantages for yourself. Or you leverage it to make a change in the world. Needless to say, Stella McCartney has chosen the second option. She could coast along on the iconic name of her father, producing run-of-the-mill clothes and counting her cash – instead, she made a name for herself in her own right, by being the first designer to bring fur- and leather-free fashions to the international catwalks. That’s badass. And the style factor she puts in it is as impressive as her ethics.”

– Sascha Camilli, Founding Editor


Photos by Alice Donovan Rouse, Jerry Kiesewetter and Alondra Olivas via Unsplash

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