The Vilda Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams with Jen Mavros

January: time for budgets, considerations, and maybe changes.

While I was sitting, like every year, pencil and diary in my hand, in front of the fireplace, determined to write down my usual New Year’s resolution list, I had one of those “in-a-movie” moments: the music I had on in the background turned from slow and slightly depressing to upbeat rock n’roll, and the year I wanted started to unfold in front of me.

…I wish.

The reality is, getting what we want out of our resolutions takes a bit more than just vowing that this will be The Year. But the realisation of our dreams could take unexpected forms. A few of my friends had told me about manifestation and visualisation methods – some of them said they even got the job, house and boyfriend they wanted just by closing their eyes and visualising them. I also learned about these “Letters to the Universe” where you kindly ask for exactly what you want and how you want it – and it will be given to you.

But where do I start? What should I write? “Dear Universe”sounds a bit silly. Should I do that while I medidate or can this be done on my way to the office? Should I be specific around the features? How do I even get to know exactly what I  want?

To help us find an answer to all these questions, we reached out Jen Mavros, Certified and Licensed Women’s Leadership Coach, Manifestation Expert and creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation.

Having dedicated her life to helping individuals manifest their dreams, Jen’s mission is to serve and guide, through deep inner personal transformation, spiritual deepening, intuitive awareness, and living from a conscious mindset, so that each person can witness their own true divine radiance. 

A student of holistic self-mastery, she is an Internationally certified and licensed Life Coach with training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] and is currently obtaining her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Science. Jen also has a comprehensive understanding of energy through her work as a Reiki and Pranic Healing Practitioner and her studies in Metaphysics and Meditation.

For the past two years, she has supported over 5000+ changemakers, entrepreneurs, lady-leaders, spiritual teachers, healers, truth-speakers, wellness warriors, coaches, consultants, mystics and holistic network marketers from around the world, to co-create the lives and businesses they truly desire.


“Manifestation is a space where anything is possible. It is where all possibilities exist.” – Jen Mavros

January is time for New Year’s resolutions, how can we do this better in the form of manifestation, compared to the usual “to do lists”?

J: I love that a lot of people gear up to start fresh for the new year. That’s one of the first steps to usher in positive change in one’s life – to actually have a desire and begin to do something about it. People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions. []

However, approximately 90% of people will fall out of their new “commitment” within the first month. Which is incredibly disheartening. I’d like to shed some insight on this and how you can do a quick mind-shift, to help you achieve lasting results and an overall better experience.

There’s a big disconnect with traditional NYR “goal setting” and “to do lists”.

In my opinion, they’re not effective and don’t work.

Think about how they make you feel? Maybe excited about getting organised at first, dreaming about them and then the rev up process, it’s fun. But following that pulse of glee, typically comes a swift kick in the gut. One day you skip your regiment, two days and then before you realize it, you’ve completely fallen off the wagon. Fail.

Resolutions operate from a space of forced willpower. Your internal dialog can feel like a war going on inside your head and heart, battling against yourself.

The first hiccup with this, is that the NYR “goals” are not generally soulfully aligned, they stem from surface “wants” rather than soulful longing and desires. They aren’t extensions of your truth. NYR “goals” have a push-energy to them, restricting you and limiting what’s truly possible.

It’s not you, sister. This is not your fault.

Desires on the other hand, are manifestation, creation, expansion. It is a place of pure delight, joy and fulfillment. Anything is possible here, it is where all possibilities exist.

When you’re tapped into the desires that live within you, there’s a power unleashed that drives you forward passionately. The way I teach and practice manifestation will absolutely sync you to this energy. You operate from the soul level versus surface level.

What advice would you give to skeptical people approaching manifestation for the first time? How do you actually start?

J: The way that I teach and practice manifestation is by way of supporting each person with where they are in their own journey, in their own life. I will never try to persuade another person of my beliefs or understandings. So take what information resonates most with you, what you feel most aligned with and go from there. Embrace what excites your heart.

When it comes to manifestation, one of the biggest things to understand is that you are manifesting 24/7, you’re always doing it.

You are a co-creator with the Universe, and manifestation allows you to step into the driver’s seat of your own life. To become a deliberate and conscious co-creator. It’s really a way for you, to empower yourself, to live with intention and purpose.

Manifestation is not this Christmas list of wants you send to Santa, “Dear Santa, I want a new car!” It’s soulfully rooting you in your desires, gratitude, compassion, reverence, and service for other people, animals, and Mother Earth, while taking action toward what you desire. It’s personal growth.

To get started, I would suggest gaining deeper clarity on what you truly desire. What you focus on, expands, so sifting through the noise is going to help you start attracting what you actually DO want, rather than what you DO NOT.

Here are a few questions to get you started. I like to start at the root of it all, which is what’s lying on your heart, it’s what’s at your soul-level:

A Spiritual Vision. A Spiritual Vision is the vision of your life, it is the imprint your soul carries. It is not something you do or something you get. It’s a way of being, existing and showing up in the world.

Q: Who do you want to be in the world? Who do you desire to show up as?

Next up, a feeling. Get clear on how you want to feel in your life.

Q: How do you desire to FEEL in your life?

Then, defining the desires sitting on your heart. And with this piece you must switch your ‘logical’ brain off. In the vast space of co-creation with the Universe, anything is possible. It is where all miracles are born. Time, money and resources are not even considered here, so focus on WHAT your desire, rather than HOW it will all work out or how it’s going to happen. Allow your heart to soar and dream big.

Q: What do you desire in your life? What experiences, objects or things do you desire?

Your desires and dreams are waiting for you. They want you too.

How can we better incorporate manifestation in our daily life?

J: One of the most fulfilling ways to manifest your desires, is through a daily gratitude practice. I know, it might sound cheesy, but it feels so good, like being wrapped in a warm blanket of abundance. Not to mention, the countless studies and experiments conducted, concluding how beautiful gratitude is for your whole life, leaving you feeling elevated.

If you’ve tried it before and didn’t get jazzed up, you might need to tweak it a bit.  Try my simple five-step daily practice on for size (it can take as little as 5 minutes a day):

Step 1. Get yourself a dedicated, handy-dandy journal. This is where you compose your expressions of gratitude.

Step 2. Choose one person, thing, opportunity, or experience that you’re grateful for today. Jot that down.

Step 3. Write down five specific sentences or statements about WHY you’re so grateful for this “thing”.

Step 4. For a few moments, sit with and feel the emotion that begins to arise in your heart. (P.S. I cry all the time during this part)

Step 5. Express it. Verbalise your thoughtful sentiments to those who show up in your life as a blessing. Or send out some handwritten gratitude cards.

Note: During the spaces of your day when you need a little pick-me-up, grab your pal, the gratitude journal, read over it, write some more. It will assist you in shifting your energy from lack and fear into that of abundance.

Any advice for changemakers eager to manifest the world they want?

J: First, perception.

Our perception is our reality. Be open to see the sparkles of goodness and compassion and you’ll start to observe more than you realized. What you focus on grows.

Second, it’s an inside job.

Change begins with you. I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Gandhi, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

If we want to help heal our world, raise the vibration and shift the consciousness, it begins at home within our very own hearts. We lead by example. If you’re passionate about something, speak up. Stand in your truth. The world needs your voice and your perseverance to help lead in change.

Third, action.

Some people think manifestation is where you send your wishes out to the universe, on clouds. You sit, wait and then it’s delivered on a silver platter. Haha! Well, kinda, that’s a small fraction of it, but not all.

In actuality, you have to take deliberate, inspired action, towards what you desire.

Lastly, connection.

I’m an advocate for the power of community and sisterhood. Gather with like-hearted, like-minded individuals who support the ideas and concepts that you are passionate about. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Our new world begins with you.

Jen has kindly offered all Vilda readers a free seven-day manifestation challenge! Get it here:


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Header photo by Daniel Mingook Kim via Unsplash. Second image via Jen Mavros

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  1. Thank you! YAY! So enjoy hearing an alternative to traditional NYR! Especially as we are raising 2 little girls and we prefer to manifest from a feeling of empowerment! So helpful to know that a mindset shift & gratitude are really such a big keys to it all!

    Thanks Jen!

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