Sharing is Caring: How I Organised My Very Own Charity Event


Everyday I get tons of emails from animal welfare organisations telling me about their work and asking for donations – because that is the only way that they can finance their work and help animals in need. If I could, I would be a regular on their donors’ list – but unfortunately, sometimes the will to give is superior to the available cash flow (although I do regularly donate to PETA and every year, I also make a gift to one or two other organisations).

So, in order to raise funds for charity in a fun and different way this year, I had the idea to host my very own charity event – and this turned out to be a huge success!

As the fashion and beauty editor for, I am used to receiving beauty products for free – every week (yep, not kidding. Don’t hate me). Not everything is vegan, of course – how I wish it was. And even if it was, I could never use all of it. Seriously, there’s only so much eyeshadow one person can wear. So instead of giving all of these treats to my family and friends, I decided to sell them at a private beauty bazaar in my very own home, and dedicate the proceeds to charities who work with animal welfare.
How to Host Your Own Charity Event in Four Easy Steps
1. It’s like planning a party, basically.
I invited a only small number of people, baked tons of vegan cookies, heated some punch and arranged the goods on my dining table. Let the spending begin!

2. Let the guests decide on their own spending limits.
Waiting for the evening to begin, I was so excited – but also a bit nervous. What if they don’t find anything that they would like to buy? What if they only want to pay really small amounts, not making enough for a donation? To give everyone complete freedom, I decided that each person could give as much as they want – no matter how expensive the products would be in store.

3. Don’t set the bar too high.
The emphasis of the night was on having fun, but quite a few of my friends found something they loved among my offerings (see, even being friends with a beauty editor has its perks!) In the end the evening turned way beyond my expectations. Not only did we have a really nice day, but everyone was also really generous and I am now able to donate to four different non-profit organisations.

4. Choose your donation targets with care.
I took my time choosing whom to donate to, but in the end I’m really happy with my choices. The proceeds went to my local animal shelter Hamburger Tierschutzverein, the Spanish organisation Fundación Benjamín Mehnert that works with greyhounds and two organisations, that have specialised on dog breeds found on breed-specific lists: TS Pitbull Stafford &; Co and Listenhunde-Nothilfe e.V.

Rather than focusing on expensive presents for myself, I am more than happy, that I could give a Christmas gift to these worthy organisations. Can’t wait for a repeat of this next year!

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Elisa Brunke

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Elisa was born in Hamburg, lived in Berlin and Luxemburg and then returned to her beloved hometown, where she studied fashion journalism and now works as an editor. She is passionate about cooking (and eating) healthy vegan foods, the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, boys with tattoos, punk music and animals, especially (her own two) cats.

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