The Ultimate Vegan Lipstick Guide For Autumn


It’s no surprise that autumn invites renewed enthusiasm for bolder beauty—especially when it comes to lips. With the weather’s permission to go beyond BB creams and other light-coverage essentials, these chilly days are the perfect time to experiment with daring lip colours and on-trend formulas.

The hard part will be choosing which lip products to try – but don’t fret if the season’s choices leave you feeling overwhelmed. In our vegan lipstick guide, we’ve handpicked the richest shades that will make your lips look and feel amazing – and all of these products are free of beeswax and carmine (two non-vegan ingredients that sometimes lurk in lipsticks). Plus, each brand is cruelty-free.

Your Fall 2016 Vegan Lip GuideIf you need moisture, try Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Balm. The shade Sip of Pink, a soft rose, is perfect for a simple, natural look. More than just a moisturiser, Tinted Luxe Balm is designed to restore lips’ natural volume. Also, this tinted balm is packaged as a lipstick bullet, so you can look chic while you give your chapped lips a little TLC (can be worn alone or layered over a stain).

Your Fall 2016 Vegan Lip Guide

For a classic touch, try Axiology lipstick – a deeply nourishing organic formula packed with oils of avocado, grapeseed and coconut. Worth is a beautiful, fiery shade with a touch of orange. Into more daring shades? Existential is a bold obsidian with a satin finish (perfect for Halloween!). Reflection is a funky, party-ready purple with buildable coverage.

Your Fall 2016 Vegan Lip Guide

If you like the look of lipstick but not the formula, try Ellis Faas Creamy Lips, a long-lasting liquid lipstick with nourishing vitamin E, candelilla wax, and prune seed extract.  Deep Plum Wine is a rich shade beautifully suited for cool weather. Apply a small amount for a stained look, or layer the product for a deeper effect.

Your Fall 2016 Vegan Lip Guide

If you’d like to try something matte, pick up a tube of Kat Von D “Studded Kiss” Lipstick. Not all of the shades are matte, but several are. Coven is a matte lilac. Lolita is a matte mauve (probably one of the most popular lip colours and finishes of 2016).  Matte lipsticks look best on soft, smooth lips, so don’t forget to exfoliate!

Your Fall 2016 Vegan Lip GuideIf matte seems cool, but you’re not sure if 100% matte will suit you, try Too Faced La Crème Color-Drenched Lip Cream. These highly pigmented, long-wearing colours aren’t purely matte—they set with the subtlest of cream finishes—and they even provide a bit of skincare support with the antioxidant white lotus flower extract. Divine Wine is an enchanting, deep autumn shade.   

Your Fall 2016 Vegan Lip Guide

If you want to go glossy (but not sticky), swipe on Ilia Beauty Lip Gloss. Peek-a-Boo is a universally flattering, sheer dusty pink. Infused with sesame seed oil, castor oil, and cocoa butter, this gloss is as nourishing as it is pretty and versatile (can be worn alone or layered over a stain).

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