UK’s Best-Dressed Vegan Fashion Blogger’s Cruelty-Free Shopping Tips


It’s been a good week for Londoner Sruti Sethuraman: the ultra-stylish blogger behind Love and Blossoms was named Best-Dressed Vegan in the UK by PETA, and her chic, feminine outfits were featured all over local and national press. And what a great advertisement for vegan living: Sruti’s sleek style is light-years away from the hemp-clad stereotypical vegan. With her polished lines, tasteful minimalism and incredible sense for colour, Sruti looks just like you’d imagine a fashion blogger would look – except for the all-important detail that all her outfits are vegan.

We had a chat with Sruti about shopping – as any vegan will know, shopping becomes slightly different after you make the decision to avoid animal-derived products. So, here come a few tips from a seasoned pro – whip out your faux-leather notebooks and take note.

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How to… find your shopping destinations
Being a stylish vegan has never been more accessible. There are so many options available on the high street – shops like Zara, H&M, Topshop,Forever 21, Pull and Bear, and Mango all offer vegan options. You can find faux jackets, bags and heels online as well –Revolve, Missguided, ASOS, Solewish, and Public Desire. For 100% vegan and ethically produced shoes, I always shop at Beyond Skin because of the unbeatable mix of style and comfort.

How to…make sure you’re buying vegan

The easiest way to be sure you are buying cruelty-free? Same goes for beauty and fashion as it does for food: read the labels. Watch out for those small percentages of animal skins (most of us have come across that 8% wool sweater…). An easy way to determine if it is faux is by looking at the price tag. Leather, suede, silk and wool are often far more expensive than fabrics such as polyester. Another easy way is to smell the garment, it sounds weird but you can smell leather from miles away!

For beauty products I always buy from online shops like Planet Organic or Naturismo – most brands they offer are clearly labelled as vegan and are cruelty-free.

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How to…compile your dream wardrobe (and what to wear this season)

Always have classic pieces in your wardrobe such as a basic t-shirt and a black oversized blazer. On casual days, all you need is a nice pair of jeans and chic flats. To look effortless, always mix classic cuts with more on-trend stuff. Include a pop of colour, such as a statement coat or jacket – such a refreshing change from black.

My summer wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without off-the-shoulder tops. They are the season’s hottest trend and I love how relaxed yet chic they look. If you want to look sexy without showing too much skin, this is the way to go.


Among the must-adds to your wardrobe this season, I would mention the faux-leather biker jacket, which scores high points in versatility. Pair it with jeans or even throw it over a dress or culottes. It gives your look some edge and will never go out of style. Adding such versatile pieces to your closet means you can always mix and match to create beautiful looks.


How to…always look stylish as a vegan

Look for long-term sustainability when you shop – choose quality over quantity. Do not get carried away buying everything that is on-trend because trends fade and you won’t be able to use it after the season is over. Investing in key pieces such as a denim dress, or a crisp white shirt means you will always have something to wear. Always be yourself and remember what you wear is a personal reflection of yourself and that is what makes you special! Being fashionable and compassionate is something unique and you should be proud of this choice you have made.


How to…be inspired

Fashion inspiration is all around us! Fashion blogs, magazines and Pinterest all offer endless ideas for beautiful fashion looks. I always look for inspiration before I do my outfit shoots. It is an easy way to make sure your outfits are never boring.


Follow Sruti’s looks at Love and Blossoms, and read more about her UK’s Best-Dressed Vegan win here.


All photos by Rebecca Botin

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  1. Hey Sasha, congrats for the blog it really looks amazing, you look amazing!
    I wonder if you change your opinion about some of the info you shared such as the list of fast fashion brands where you can find vegan items?
    It has been 3 years since this publication but would just like to let you know, if you don’t already that most of the brands you initially mention above are included in the list of brands that are ethically in great debt to what you so call cruelty free, for there are women and children working in dehumanized conditions to be totally despised, ignored and invisible in blogs such as this one but so in the stores where you can purchase the result of painful, cruel and dehumanizing labour conditions.
    Fast fashion is the most alluring and desirable tendency until You realise how is dehumanizing us all by knowing the reality and still close our eyes to it… Who makes fast fashion inclusive consumers are numb to human ethos and values… Lost compassion and sense of right values.

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