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After hearing good things about Chile, the country became a compulsory destination for my upcoming holiday. As I’ve often heard about the wonderful landscapes around the country, I chose Santiago as the perfect destination for an urban trip.

In addition to landscapes, Chile is often praised for its impressive culinary traditions, making the destination even more attractive. But the praise usually comes from omnivores, so I had no idea if the city would offer good choices of vegan-friendly restaurants.

Despite not having any trouble for lunch in restaurants whose menu is omnivorous, considering that, in general, it is quite simple to request adjustments to dishes, I prefer to focus on all-vegan places. I like to encourage this type of establishments and have the comfort of being able to consume any item on the menu.

Surprisingly, a quick search showed me that Santiago is not only a city full of veggie-friendly restaurants, but also features a list of fully vegan places. All this definitely made me even more excited to visit the Chilean capital.

If you were thinking of Chile for your next holiday, here are a few vegan-friendly finds that might make your trip that bit easier…and more delicious. ¡Buen viaje!

Vegan Bunker


The location is not the most convenient – compared to other restaurants, this place is quite far from the tube and there is nothing else to visit in the area, but it is so amazing that it warranted not one but two visits in one trip.

This beautifully decorated restaurant features a fully vegan menu – with a snack selection and a menu of the day – and the food is the best that have I tasted in the city. The main courses are delicious, but I recommend the snacks – they were what lured me back a second time.

A bonus: in order to avoid gender patterns, the bathroom is not divided in male and female, and it is explained why the restaurant decided to do it that way.

Address: Fresia 529


Planta Maestra


Another restaurant quite far from the Metro – but also a must. The all-vegan menu includes several raw options, plus a main course that changes every day. As we went to an early lunch and the daily menu was not available, we ordered a raw lasagna and a lot of sushi – both delicious options.

Address: Antonio Varas 1370


Holm – Pan Feliz


A discovery that spontaneously happened on the last day of our trip. We were looking for Holm Ensaladería when faced with this bakery of the same chain of stores, right next to the one specialised in salads. We were invited to taste all the vegan-friendly options – and none disappointed. Gluten-free foodies will also find a few options here. The store is a short walk from the Metro station Pedro de Valdivia and the bread can be purchased per unit or weight.

Address: Padre Mariano 103


Arte Vegetal


A small shop located near the Palacio de la Moneda. All options are vegan-friendly and the fresh food is made on site (snacks, salads and desserts) but industrialised groceries like vegetable milks also feature. The place is very small and everything is sold already packaged to go. We bought snacks and salad for one night when we wanted to dine at the apartment.

Address: Nva Amunátegui 1415


Taqueria La Mexicana


This is the only restaurant on the list that is not located in Santiago. We had the chance to go there on the day  when we visited Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, on the Chilean coast. What was supposed to be just a “safe option” – after all, at least we would have guacamole – became one of the best foods of the trip, but then who can complain about guacamole and loads of tacos? The menu has several vegetarian dishes and they are happy to eliminate cheeses and creams to make them vegan.

Address: Calle Valparaíso 1137, Viña del Mar


Fabrica de Pizza


The pizzeria is located in a nice area, close to the Cerro San Critobal. The vegan option features simple, well-seasoned ingredients. Enjoy dinner on the day you visit the Cerro or La Chascona, Pablo Neruda’s house.

Address: Pío Nono 105


El Huerto


Located in the quiet neighborhood of Providência, this restaurant is alone worth the trip to the area. It is just steps from the boardwalk accompanying the Mapocho River, where locals and tourists enjoy walking, cycling or simply hanging out. The menu is vegetarian, but vegan options are clearly labelled and, although not many, they are very good. It is one of the only vegetarian restaurants that serves wine, so it’s a good choice for those who want to experience Chilean wines .

Adress: Orrego Luco 054




Vegetarian restaurant located downtown, near the Plaza de Armas. The menu changes according to the day and most of the options are vegan-friendly. A good choice for days when you’re visiting the downtown area, this restaurant is fairly priced and well located.

Address: Galería Santiago , Local 17


I left out many other vegetarian restaurants (with possibility of vegan adaptations) for lack of time to visit them. Menus with vegetarian options are quite a common sight on Santiago streets!

For anyone who craves desserts, my indications are two ice cream places with good vegan options: Il Maestrale, at the Patio Bella Vista, and Zenzero, located at the mall Costanera. At Zenzero, in addition to the water-based options, you can also enjoy several rice-based milk ice creams.

Regarding the tours around the city, I cannot fail to mention my love of parks and squares of Santiago, besides the famous Cerros, where you sightsee the city from above. Despite the Cerro San Cristobál is the highest point of the city and the view can actually be quite amazing, my favourite was certainly the Cerro Santa Lucía. The site is very well maintained and a great place to spend an afternoon. And like everywhere in Santiago, many dogs like to sleep and seek attention from passersby (you can learn more about the Santiago’s dogs in the “Estoy aquí” campaign, made by two Chilean students).

I recommend walking around mostly on foot. The distances between the major downtown attractions are not that great and the streets are flat, making it very easy to walk. It is a way to get to know the dynamics of the city, discover places not included in the guidebooks (in my case, the Patio Bella Vista) and enjoy the view offered by the Andes.

Out of Santiago, I recommend a visit to Valparaiso, located two hours from the capital. Have a climb through the various Cerros and stroll through the colourful streets, enjoying the nearby Viña del Mar – a beautiful city which is home to lovely restaurants.

The little I knew of Chile strengthened my desire to know other landscapes that differ from the urban atmospheres of the bustling capital. For upcoming trips to the country, certainly I will venture further!

Written by Nathália Mori and originally published in Modefica .

Pictures by Nathália Mori

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