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We all know the hardships of finding good vegan-friendly fragrances (in fact we have already discussed this), so imagine our joy when we came across a brand that produces fully organic, 100% natural, all-vegan and cruelty-free essential oil blends – that also look impossibly chic? The brand in question is the lovely SINNE Firenze, sourcing their essential oils from organic farmers all over the world and blending them in their Florentine studio. SINNE’s fine essential oils are safely diluted in certified organic jojoba oil and can be worn like a perfume – on the wrists, behind the ears, or on the neck.

We talked to Isabella, one of the creative minds behind the brand, about the essence of SINNE.

– I was always fascinated by the power essential oils have within them. They may help you to keep focused when having trouble concentrating or to calm you down when struggling with anxiety. With SINNE we wanted to combine the power of these oils together with our wish for a alcohol-free and subtle scent for everyday use.

Why is being a vegan and natural brand important to you?

– Being vegan myself it was clear that our blends had to be cruelty-free – meaning no ingredients of animal origin and no animal testing. We could not imagine using chemicals or other ingredients that are bad for the environment and our health, when nature provides so many other possibilities – like essential oils. Clearly these natural alternatives are more expensive than synthetic ingredients, but in the end its worth it – for us and our planet.
How do you source your ingredients? Talk us through the process.
-Our only ingredients are organic oils. We carefully select them from our German distributor Primavera, who is known for providing the best essential oils from around the world. Their high-grade oils and their company core values were the reasons why we chose to work with them. After we receive our fair-trade oils we compose our blends in our studio. Each blend that we create has its individual characteristics and is designed for a specific purpose. For example, REFRESH ME is the right blend when in need of a gentle kick-start. When having anxious feelings or before practicing meditation or yoga, then CALM ME is the blend to go for.

How is the brand’s Florentine heritage reflected in the product?
Firenze was definitely the final ingredient that spurred the idea for SINNE. While walking through the streets of Florence you may get a feeling of being back in a time when life was simpler. Maybe it’s because of all these local artisans in their little studios who are handcrafting masterpieces day by day, or because of the architecture or the easy-going vibe in general. Back to basics is our motto for SINNE. Away from synthetic ingredients, away from mass production, away from unethical business plans. A few years ago it was not easy to find vegan restaurants or organic cosmetics in Florence but nowadays it gets easier and easier. With our blends we are proud to add to this positive movement.






Scents: Arabic spices, sweet notes of ylang ylang and a sparkle of citrus.

Good for: a mood lift.





Scents: a fresh whiff of mint, a tickle of orange and a forest-inspired touch.

Good for: clearing the mind and refreshing the soul.




Scents: Marjoram gently blended with patchouli and a hint of nard

Good for: a peaceful state of mind


Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 19.52.54


Scents: deep woods, oriental influences and the warm embrace of lavender.

Good for: soothing body and mind, and balance emotion


Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 20.08.26


One curious thing that Vilda and SINNE Firenze have in common? We both have Swedish names. SINNE means “sense” in Swedish, whereas Vilda means ” the wild one”.

Find out more about SINNE Firenze here.


Photos and art direction by David Camilli


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