The Faux-Leather Items To Add To Your Wardrobe Now


If you are a leather enthusiast, this article is for you. Of course we are talking vegan leather here. We love leather – as long as it’s made the cruelty-free way.

If you still have the preconception that faux anything rhymes with poor quality, doesn’t last long or harms the environment, we can’t blame you – for a long time, faux has gotten a bad rep. Well, before we show you some awesome pieces to add to your own capsule leather wardrobe, we will address all of that.

First of all, there are a lot of lower-quality products out there, and we’re not just talking faux leather. Bad quality doesn’t limit itself to any one material. So, yes, you have to choose your clothes well and make sure you choose from brands that care for the quality of their products. And when it comes to faux leather, that’s also a rule.

Second thing to consider is that faux leather is usually made of types of plastic, the same way as our plastic water bottles, so faux leather clothes may last 100 years. We will all be dead (probably) when your favourite faux leather bag falls apart. The thing is that the real deal ages better, true story. But purses made of leather that are used every day, for example, usually fall apart before we get the chance to see any of that good aging  with our own eyes. That proves that durability is quite relative.

Last but not least, leather is pretty dirty. There is no environmental benefits when choosing real leather, specially because they are probably made in Asia when things like this and this happens in cities that are know for their leather production. Except when the leather is processed with vegetal tanning, a rare process in the industry, transform a skin – which is organic and rots a few days after the animal is dead – in a “luxury item that will last forever” requires pretty bad stuff like arsenic, heavy metals and chromium (known as the stuff that Erin Brockovitch was fighting).

So now that you understand a little bit why there are reasons beyond animal welfare to opt for vegan leather, we will show you some leather-like essentials that make a chic and versatile capsule wardrobe on their own. Check them out.


1. The non-ordinary dress.

Shirt dresses are beautiful and timeless. It is true they have their time of glory last year but this sleek style is an evergreen piece. This baby goes to work, to party and to a casual dinner and is perfect for spring.

Vero Moda Shirt Dress at Asos

2. The classic jacket.

Besides love, food and water we don’t really need anything else in this world, but when it comes to faux-leather jackets we do think that they are somehow a necessity. There are no regrets on one of these. This is totally a lifetime piece.

Lyle Jacket by Cornelia Guest at Project Gravitas

3. The sexy skinnies.

Paired with a chunky knit, a simple tee or a floaty top, faux-leather skinny trousers are always a hit. This one is from Liberty Garden and each Liberty Garden purchase funds a life-saving treatment for someone in need. Even sexier.

Pieced Vegan Skinny at Free People

4. The well-fitting skirt.

Circle-shapes skirts are here to stay. So why not add one to your capsule wardrobe? Choose a nice-fitting one that is perfect for your body and enjoy it for a long time.

Vegan Leather Circle Skirt at Anthropologie

5. The “we are not cut-off jeans” shorts.

Update your shorts game with this edgy leather-like design – very rock n’ roll. Skip the cut-off jeans and go for it.

Nasty Gal Zip It Vegan Leather Short at Nasty Gal

Header photo by Jonathan Dangin via Pixabay

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Marina Colerato

Fashion Stylist

Marina is a fashion stylist from São Paulo, Brazil. She's a believer in cotton, a vegetarian and, of course, addicted to fashion. Her love is shared between her dogs, books and rock n' roll.

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