Vegan Knits from Vaute Couture: Yes, Please


Chilly winds, dark mornings and even a sprinkling of snow: it’s still winter, our dear friends. And for cruelty-free shoppers, winter is trickier than the rest of the year, as wool tends to find its way into every single garment we can possibly warm ourselves with. Be it a full-on cashmere sweater or a soft cable knit with that pesky 8% wool, escaping it is tricky. So we turn to high-street knits in polyester and acrylic, hoping they’ll last (sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t) and warm our souls with the fact that at least we are not wearing torture.

But this winter, things are starting to change. Stylish, cosy, beautiful knits are now readily available on the fashion market – via the style pioneers at Vaute Couture. The first brand to create cruelty-free, ethically produced coats, the first 100% vegan brand to show at Fashion Week, has done it again, and as usual, they’ve done it brilliantly.




Vaute’s new line of vegan knits for men and women are crafted from 80% recycled  cotton from industrial waste, ticking the eco-friendly box as well. Plus, each sweater is made from just one continuous piece of yarn, which keeps waste to a minimum. Inspired by the look of fishermen’s sweaters, these cable-knit, chunky styles perfectly capture that elusive mix of cosy and chic.




If you’re looking for the perfect cable knit (and why wouldn’t you be?) that will last you all winter – or if you’re after a nice gift for the compassionate and conscious man in your life – head to Vaute now and check out the selection of soft and stylish knitwear with a heart. You won’t regret it.


All photos courtesy of Vaute Couture.

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Sascha Camilli

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A passionate changemaker, Sascha Camilli is the founder and editor-in-chief of Vilda Magazine. Born in Moscow and raised in Stockholm, she has also lived in Los Angeles, London, Milan and Florence, before landing in her current hometown of Brighton, UK. She was chosen as one of Vegan Good Life Magazine's Vegan Business Influencers of 2015 and nominated for Best Vegan Entrepreneur by Unicorn Goods Best of Vegan Awards 2017. She is also a Huffington Post blogger, a fashion writer for Plant-Based News, and a speaker at events such as VegFest and VegoVision Sweden. Her first book, a vegan fashion guide, is coming out in 2019.

  1. If you’re buying from Vaute Couture and are based outside the US, you need to be aware that there can be import charges to pay. I bought a coat from the company and had to pay more than £80 in import fees, then a fortune to send the coat back because it didn’t fit. The company does mention this on their website, but isn’t responsible for these fees which, in my case, were astronomical.

    1. Excellent point, Mel. This is unfortunately true when shopping with many US retailers, which still amazes me – here we are in 2016, online shopping has pretty much taken over the world, and we still can’t think of a way to ship internationally without astronomical costs. Thanks for pointing this out!

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