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Christmas is almost upon us, and we can’t wait for all it has to bring: crisp white snow, vegan hot chocolate, glittering Christmas ornaments…and, well, let’s just come out and say it: presents, baby!

We all know that Christmas is a time for dreaming (yeah, thank you so much, every Christmas movie ever for unattainable holiday aspirations for life) so this year, Team Vilda is shooting for the stars: here is the mega-decadent, super-deluxe wishlist of all the wonders we hope and dream to find under our Christmas tree this year.

Of course they’re all vegan and cruelty-free – one of the things we dream of at Christmas is freedom for all and a peaceful life for animals – but nevertheless, each item is a reminder of how beautiful and indulgent vegan living can be.

Read on, be inspired and compile your own Christmas wishlist. And dare to dream – you never know what Santa might leave under the tree…


vildachristmaspresents mary


With room to fit a 13″ laptop, the Freedom of Animals Veronika Tote would make a versatile work bag. Its classic design transcends passing trends and would go with just about any professional outfit. This is the perfect statement bag to show off just how slick and stylish eco-friendly and vegan fashion can be. 


Mary Hood Luttrell, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer
vildachristmaspresents stephanie

– My number-one wishlist item (more like dream wish, because it ain’t happening!) is the Vivian ring made by Aili in NYC. I want to build a pretty ring stack over time and I think this ring would be a lovely start! Aili jewelry is made from recycled metals and conflict-free gems.

Stephanie Villano, Style Writer


vildachristmaspresents marina

– I have no doubt about the number one gift on my wish list – this pair of Stella McCartney Elyse wedges. I’ve been wanting these babies since they launched at the beginning of the year, and they are so expensive, but so worthy. They are stylish, comfy, vegan, black AND have stars on them!


Marina Colerato, Fashion Stylist


vildachristmaspresents emilee
– My number one wished-for thing is a piano. My second wish would be a year’s supply of Vego – but a friend just sent me 4,2kg of the stuff last week, so I don’t have to wish for it anymore! Otherwise, I’m dreaming of these beautiful vegan ice skates, so that I could glide and spin over frozen Scandinavian lakes this winter!


Emilee Seymour, Art Director
vildachristmaspresents anja


– The Falabella satin clutch from Stella McCartney is the equivalent of a little black (expensive) dress. It’s perfect for a night out or a romantic date, it goes with any outfit, fits all the necessities and is a sure-fire way to amp up your glam factor all year round.

Anja Lastric, Beauty Writer/Marketing Coordinator



vildachristmaspresents jessica


– My dream Christmas gift is the Everyday Minerals The Real You Complexion Kit. Everyday Minerals is one of my favourite makeup brands and I couldn’t live without their amazing foundations. This kit contains a selection of their bestselling skin tints and finishing powders plus a mini brush to help achieve a flawless complexion. I would love to find this under my tree on Christmas morning because I’ve been wanting to try these products out for ages and I think it’s such a cute little gift!

Jessica Sjoholm, Beauty Writer



vildachristmaspresents hannah


– If I could afford to spend upwards of £300 on a coats, the Belden from Vaute would be my choice. As a dream Christmas present this stunning, vegan, old-school Hollywood-inspired coat is a vision of how I would love to saunter around the cold Manchester streets.

 Hannah Ellis, Food Editor

vildachristmaspresents sascha byblanch

– I’ve fallen in love with vegan shoe brand ByBlanch this year – their sleek boots and heels with an attitude are craving-inducing and just a quick browse around their website is enough to make me start fantasising about what shoes I’d pair with what outfit. I love the Offshore black or Nightfall brown (pictured) designs.

Sascha Camilli, Editor



vildachristmaspresents elisa


– I’ve always found it hard to find a vegan perfume so I nearly went crazy when I discovered the Limited Edition Diamond Dust collection from The Organic Pharmacy. All six scents are made from organic and fair-trade essential oils and packed in beautiful bottles. I really hope, Santa will bring me the “Orange Blossom”one!

Elisa Brunke, Lifestyle Writer


Header photo by Annca via Pixabay

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