Eight Beautiful Tattoos for Vegans

Milada Vigerova


Ever since our writer Elisa met vegan tattoo artist Andrea, Vilda HQ has been obsessed with tattoos – and who can blame us? An instant and powerful way to express yourself, a tattoo can be as intense or subtle as you want it to be. It’s a way to decorate your body with everlasting art, and it can be a way to reclaim your body image from society’s ideals. Tattoos for vegans can be tasteful and simple, or powerful and attention-grabbing – but all of them speak volumes about your lifestyle choice. If you too are itching for some ink, here are seven ways to proclaim your cruelty-free ways to the world on your skin.


The simple yet impactful one.



The anti-corporation one.



The animal-liberation one.



The one for the writer.



The colourful one.



The earthling one.



The subtle one.



The friendly one.




Top photo by Milada Vigerova via Unsplash. All other photos from Pinterest.

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