The 5 Basic Grooming Rules Every Man Should Know

Vilda Magazine - Male GroomingThe modern man of today is spending more and more time on his appearence. This means that (fortunately) men’s grooming routine has evolved beyond a quick shaving routine in the morning and washing of the face with soap (yikes) – today, the average Joe cares more about his skin, hair, and physique than before. This growing interest in men’s appearences of course has led to men spending more money on these products and beauty brands are throwing themselves at this emerging market with launches of specific product lines aimed at men. Maybe men are realising that a few extra minutes in the morning really can do wonders, or maybe they’re just not as concered of being considered less macho for using moisturiser as before. Regardless of the “why”, men are ready to pamper their skin, hair and nails and Vilda is here to help you sort it all out with the five of the best basic grooming tips out there:


1. Wash your face. Wash your face with cleanser every day. You might think cleansers are for removing makeup, which they can do as well but they also effectively cleanse pollutants, bacteria and unwanted debris off of your face. For an organic, fragrance-free option, try MuLondon Fragrance-Free Foaming Face Wash (1). Wash your face at least once a day – preferrably two.

2. Moisturise. After washing your face, you’ll want to restore the moisture in your skin. Use a small dollop on your skin and gently massage it onto your face and neck-area. Choosing a moisturiser can be a bit difficult as this should be based on your skin type:

Oily skin: Opt for lotions instead of thick creams and avoid oily products. Try Juice Beauty SPF30 Oil-Free Moisturizer (2). SPF in your moisturizer is a genius way to stay protected from the sun and avoid UV spots and wrinkles.

Dry skin: Dry skin can feel a bit tight and strained after washing, so find a cream with a thicker substance and good oil content. The OM4 Thirst Quenching Moisture Complex (3) hydrates without giving that greasy feeling.

Combination: If you have spots of oily and dry skin, choose a mild product that won’t upset your skin. One product that’s perfect for balancing out combination skin is The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Balancing Face Protector (4).


Vegan male grooming

3. Body (hair) control: Body hair is a natural part of many men’s bodies and some chest hair peeking up from behind your shirt can be sexy, but a hair mat all over your back? Not so much! If you have very long hairs on parts of your body like your chest or belly, you can use a trimmer to manage it, but if you want that completely smooth surface waxing is the way to go. Go to a professional salon the first few times or ask a friend to get down to business with an at-home waxing kit. Avoid shaving your body hair with a razor as it will grow out faster than with waxing, and you will get that not-so-nice stubble.

4. Facial hair management. The beard and mustache have definitely had a comeback the last few years and while it may be tempting to just let it grow wild, it does look a lot bit better with just a bit of effort. Trim your beard every now and then, wash it regularly with shampoo (and conditioner if needed) and if it’s really wild, get a designated mustache wax like they had in the olden, golden days. It might also be worth investing in a barber at least once, who can help you properly shape your beard according to your face shape and cheekline.

Not a fan of the beard? Invest in a high quality trimmer or razor and make sure to use a gentle shaving cream like Sensitive Shave Cream from Bulldog (5).


5. Hair and scalp. If you have a partner who cares a bit more about their hair than you do, chances are you are constantly “borrowing” products from them. Not is it only really frustrating for your partner, but it can also be really inefficient for you. Get hair products that match your hair – is you hair thinning, frizzy, curly, thick? Is your scalp oily or do you get dry flakes that resemble dandruff on your shoulders? Visit a professional hair dresser who can analyse your hair and scalp and get some products that will work for you, including any styling products you frequently use. Do you shave your hair or has it all given up on you? Doesn’t matter. Your scalp still needs cleansing and moisture and it’s a good idea to take care of it with a shampoo and conditioner.






Photography by Karina Patten 

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