The Makeup Artist’s Step-by-Step Guide to Summer’s Hottest Look


Background music. Check. Clean brushes. Check. Carefully selected products. Check.

Model Nanna was sitting in my chair one Sunday afternoon with no makeup and newly washed hair – the most perfect canvas any hair and makeup artist could wish for. Linn, the photographer, was sitting on the bed with her new love – a (very expensive) Canon camera she’d gotten just days before the shoot, and snapped pictures of my cat who loves any attention he can get. “He should be a model”, Nanna laughed as I prepped her hair with some salt spray to get just the right texture in it. We were preparing for the shoot of Vilda’s exclusive editorial, which you can’t have missed by now (otherwise, we urge you to head over here and check it out), with one of the hottest brands in vegan fashion – Equipe Major.

The hair was inspired by the slightly messy 70’s soft boho waves, while the makeup was highly influenced by the bold lip trend, which is one of the hottest makeup looks this summer as well. For those of you looking to recreate this look, you’re in for a treat! Here is a full breakdown of how to get the look yourself with animal-friendly products at hand.



I’ve always been a fan of making a statement with your makeup and not being afraid to wear bold shades that will surely turn heads. Some makeup artists will tell you of “rules” you have to comply with when wearing makeup, like not to wear heavy eye makeup paired with bold lipsticks, but I say screw the rules and have fun with it instead. There are so many other rules we have to live by, and makeup shouldn’t be one of them. However, with this particular look, I wanted all focus on the lips and thought that a nice hot pink hue would pair wonderfully with Nanna’s blue eyes and Equipe Major’s pink sequin party pants. Despite the focus being on the lips, I never neglect the eyes, as I think they frame the face and just gives a more fresh, appealing look which is why I made sure to fill in the brows to match the darkest parts of Nanna’s hair and pair that with a slim winged eyeliner and just a little mascara. It really doesn’t have to be any harder than that. Here’s how to do it:

Anja Collage

1. Prep your skin with a primer for a satin finish that will last all day and night. Try the Complexion Primer Potion from Urban Decay (1).
2. Next, apply a foundation fit for your skin type using a stippling brush. I swear by the one from Real Techniques (2).
3. Hide away any spots and dark circles around your eyes with a concealer. Vegan cream concealers can be hard to find as many of them containt beeswax, but I really like working with cream products so try 100 % Pure Fruit Pigmented Long Lasting Concealer (3).
4. Fill in your brows with a matte, cool-toned shadow. Using a shadow instead of a pen gives a more natural result and Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit (4) is a great choice that doesn’t break the bank.
5. I didn’t use any eyeshadow on Nanna as I wanted focus on the lips, however I did apply some concealer on the lids, which is recommended if you have light skin and/or very thin skin around the eyes. I painted on a pretty thin wing on the upper eyelids, using a gel liner  from Jane Iredale called Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner  (5) which I applied with the fine liner brush from Real Techniques (6). To finish off the eye area, I applied just a little bit of mascara. You probably already have a favorite, but if not here’s a pretty good guide to vegan mascaras.
6. Being a fan of light contouring, I applied some contour shadow along the edges of Nanna’s nose and right under her cheek bones, highlighting the bridge of the nose. I swear by Sleek Makeup’s Face Contour Kit (7) – it’s a bargain and really does a great job!
7. A little bit of rose powder blush was then applied to the apple of the cheeks – I found the perfect spot by asking Nanna to smile, which makes the apple of the cheeks pop. Try Too Faced Full Bloom Powder Blush in Sweet Pink (8).
8. Lastly, I applied a hot pink lipstick on the lips. As I didn’t want the completely polished look, I didn’t use any lipliner, but you can use that if you prefer it (it also makes the lipstick last longer). Try Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in Flattering Fuschia (9).



After the makeup was all set, it was time to dive into Nanna’s luscious blonde locks. I thought of what I wanted to do that would go along with the attitude of the clothes and the overall look and feel of the shoot. I didn’t want pretty, sweet and smooth Victoria’s Secret curls, rather I wanted something messy – a little bit 70’s hippie, a little bit boho, and opted for shabby chic waves with a matte and lightly course texture all over.

1. As I mentioned earlier, Nanna’s hair was still damp when I spritzed some salt spray to it. Salt spray makes the hair look and feel fuller and gives it a matte finish, which is what I was going for. Try Lush’s Sea Spray Mist.
2. I also spritzed some heat protection on the hair (Paul Mitchell Heat Seal) before I blowdried it. While blowdrying the hair, I used my hands to twist sections of the hair to get a naturally wavy, messy style.
3. When the hair was completely dry (very important!), I used my ghd styler to make some waves in the hair. You can do this by taking a section of the hair and pull the flat iron upwards in a circular motion, almost as if you were curling the hair. You will now have half a curl. Now, hold on to the part you just curled while pulling the iron downwards in a circular motion. You can see how I do it in the picture below. This will create beautiful, sexy beach waves.



4. After you have created your waves, use your fingers to brush them out and backcomb the waves – that is: not the roots, like you might be used to, but the actual waves. Use a comb and gently backcomb the curves of the waves. This will make it look more messy and at the same it will make the style hold much longer. Finish off with a spritz of a really good hair spray (I like Paul Mitchell’s Stay Strong Hairspray) and you’re ready to go!




All photos by Linn Gullberg.
Model: Nanna / Le Management


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