Spring Beauty: Bold Lips and Eyes

When the trees and flowers start to blossom, the blue color paints the grey skies away and the sun’s rays finally touch our (SPF-protected) skin, it’s a good sign that spring is coming. But what is even more telling is the sudden burst of colours that come out of hiding, turning the grey mass of bulky winterwear into an array of vibrant hues. On the SS15 runways, colour reigned supreme – not only in terms of the fashions but in the makeup department as well. Two very prominent trends were bold lips, with hues of orange, red and pink, and focus on eye makeup, be it blue eyeshadow like we saw at Fendi (who used leather strips on the eyes…we’d recommend a cruelty-free alternative) or sultry, smokey eyes as seen at Tom Ford. Here are a few tips on how to get the looks with bunny-friendly products.



Burberry Prorsum / Missoni / Dolce & Gabbana – Photos: style.com

Spring is the perfect season for new starts, so if you are normally not one to rock a bold lipstick, this is the time to try it out and make a statement. If you’re a cruelty-free shopper, you’ll know that stronger lipstick colours are a vegan nightmare, as these hues often contain animal or insect products. But fret not – we’ve rounded up a few statement pieces that are guaranteed to be animal-free.


1. Who doesn’t love OCC’s Lip Tar? This liquid lipstick features an array of colours that will make you want to buy them all. It has a lot of pigment and goes on very opaque, so a little goes a long way. We love this Classic Bubblegum Pink shade – it’s THE hue of the season.

2. The orange lipstick trend isn’t going anywhere, so if you haven’t already invested in an orange lipstick, now is the time to strike. BWC’s Moisturizing Lipstick in Chili Red is a great mix of red and orange and will be a great choice if you’re going for something similar to the Missoni lips above.

3. If you thought that the darker red lip was reserved for autumn, think again. Just look at the Dolce&Gabbana lips above for proof that rich red is going strong this spring, maybe paired with some flowers in your hair as seen at the show. You can also try applying it to the centre of your lip, with no lip liner, and use your fingertips to blend the colour at the edges for a softer look. This shade from Lippygirl is called Boss Lady and will very much make you feel like one.

4. A vegan red lipstick is hard to find, but one that goes on opaque and lasts for hours is almost-impossible by any standards. Well, look no further – artist and makeup pro Jeffree Star‘s line of liquid lipstick is here! Try the shade Redrum (we’d buy it just for the name) and enjoy your matte, red and completely cruelty-free lips.

5. Last but not least, Orange Dream from E.l.f. is another perfect shade if you’re going for the Missoni look pictured above.  And with that price… heck, you can buy two!

A few tips for rocking a bold lip:

  • Cooler tones make your teeth seem whiter than if you wear warmer shades
  • Apply a lip pencil matching the tone of your lipstick not only around the edges, but on the entire lips for better coverage and long-time wear
  • Try this trick after applying lip pencil: apply lipstick, dab some translucent powder on top of your lipstick and then apply lipstick again. It will last (almost) forever.



Fendi / Diane von Furstenberg / Tom Ford – Photos: style.com

If lipstick isn’t really your thing, you can always play around with colourful eyeliners, eye pencils and eyeshadows instead or opt for sultry, smoky eyes a la Tom Ford. If you choose to focus on your eyes, the golden rule is to stay neutral in lips and the rest of your face as this creates a more appealing result (but hey – rules are meant to be broken and tastes vary!). Here are a few of our favourite essentials that will help you achieve the perfect eye makeup this spring:


1. Get a flawless grey and black smokey effect with Emani’s Hybrid Cream Colors in the shade Frisky.

2. Just add colour and make your eyes pop with Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow in Peace. It’s a lovely blue shade that will look beautiful on all skintones and especially suits brown-eyed girls. Wet an eyeliner brush and draw wings if you want something similar to the Fendi look above.

3. Tarte’s Beauty & the Box Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Quad contains four brown shadows that you can use to get a strong smokey eye like the one seen at the DvF show above. Apply the darkest shade along the lashline on both the upper and lower eyelid and blend it with the semi-darkest shade. Use the lighter hues around the crease area.

4. For days when you don’t want to mess around with eye shadow but still want to wear something bold, a hot pink eyeliner is the way to go. Try Limecrime’s Eyeliner in Orchidaceous

A few tips for eye focus:

  • Brushes are everything! Make sure you have good brushes when applying eye makeup. See Vilda’s guide to brushes here.
  • Wet the brush before you dip it in eye shadow – it gives a more intense colour.
  • If you’re going for the smoky eye, make sure to fill in your brows
  • If you’re working with dark colours, do your eye makeup before you put foundation on OR use a loose powder under your eyes to catch any fallout and simply sweep the powder away when you’re done.


Top photo: Linn Gullberg for Vilda Magazine

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