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One of my favourite sounds in the world is the sound a plane makes just before takeoff: that quiet buzzing that must be nightmarish to those with a fear of flying. To me, that noise signals the beginning of a new adventure, whether I’m exploring never before seen places or heading back home for the holidays.

 An enriching experience
Travel is one of the biggest passions of my life. No matter how big or small the trip, just the act of packing a suitcase makes my heart do backflips. I can’t count the times when I booked a trip despite barely having enough money to scrape by for the rest of the month. Constantly annoyed by the fact that travel isn’t free, I’m however inclined to agree with those sunset-framed Pinterest quotes that claim that ‘travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer’ (could this be why I am yet to be a homeowner?). Some of the best memories of my life were made while travelling.
Home or away 
My passion for travel is not purely based on the thrill of discovering new places – my family lives in Stockholm and my husband’s is based in Milan, so we often find ourselves in the same places. Still, it’s the escape factor that gets me every time. Being in a different place, breathing different air for a few days. It’s addictive, leaving me hungry for my next trip. I’m always planning, checking travel blogs, chatting to fellow travel-loving souls. It’s like a disease I’ll never get over. The travel bug.
Once someone told me that I should create a life that I won’t want to get away from. That made zero sense to my vagabond mind: when I travel is when I live my life, not get away from it. That girl at the airport lugging a suitcase with a Heavy tag on it is who my true self is.

I do, however, have a life that I’m happy to come back to. My London flat and friends is where my heart lives, an even if every holiday must, inevitably, come to an end, I’m pretty glad that out of all the places in the world, this is where I get to return to.
Upcoming trips: Oxford this Easter weekend, hopefully Paris as a wedding-anniversary trip and a yet-to-be-planned summer holiday – we’re thinking Greece, Sicily or Malta.
Where are you travelling next, or where would you like to travel? Share with me in the comments.


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Sascha Camilli

Founder and Editor

A passionate changemaker, Sascha Camilli is the founder and editor-in-chief of Vilda Magazine. Born in Moscow and raised in Stockholm, she has also lived in Los Angeles, London, Milan and Florence, before landing in her current hometown of Brighton, UK. She was selected as one of GLAMOUR UK's Most Empowering Nu-Gen Activists and is a frequent public speaker on the topic of vegan fashion and material innovation. Her book Vegan Style is out now on Murdoch Books.

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