Behind the Scenes at a Vilda Photo Shoot

‘Hi, nice to meet you’, 18-year-old Nanna says as she walks through the door, ten minutes early, with a paper cup of coffee in one hand. Nanna is still in school and just started her modelling career after being discovered at a Danish festival last summer ‘when I looked like crap’ she says and laughs. Although Nanna is a newbie in the game, she is professional, polite and yet feels like your friend at the same time. And although she doesn’t have one bit of makeup on, she definitely does not ‘look like crap’!

Nanna hasn’t even taken her shoes off when photographer Linn walks through the door with her brother who is helping her today. Linn is Swedish but lives in Copenhagen and has a huge passion for fashion photography – despite her young age, she has worked for several brands, at Stockholm Fashion Week and for exhibitions. You can tell how her eyes light up when she picks up her new camera and starts snapping pictures while Nanna is in the makeup chair.

When we’re all ready to go, we drive out to the most ironic setting for this shoot – Copenhagen’s Kødbyen – which translates into ‘Meat Village’. Here you will find many of the city’s meat wholesalers, as well as restaurants, bars, galleries and more. This was our way of bringing some much-needed veganism to this part of Copenhagen – plus the scenery is really raw and fitted into our vision for this shoot.

The day before the shoot was a hot (for Copenhagen), sunny and beautiful spring day with clear, blue skies – but at the day of the shoot, the clouds’ color shifted from light to a darker grey and the wind was almost unbearable. Yet Nanna stood there in her skimpy outfit like a pro and never once complained about the cold – the same can’t be said for the rest of us. While snapping the last shots, the rain had started pouring down, but finally Linn yelled ‘It’s a wrap!’ and we could all go back to the car and turn the heat on.

Here are some of the photos that Linn snapped backstage and in a few days, we’ll show you the final results!

Nanna is getting ready…



So much makeup!


Messy waves made with a hair iron


Pink lips






Stay tuned for the final photos, featuring some very exciting vegan fashion!

Photography by Linn Gullberg.

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Anja Elle

Beauty & Marketing Coordinator

Anja has a background as hairstylist and makeupartist and works with marketing. She is a Swede living in Copenhagen with her two cats. Anja lives to travel, is a vegetarian, a bit of a crazy cat lady, and would go far for a good truffle pasta and Italian wine. She blogs at

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