Vilda News: Stella McCartney Launches Fur-Free Fur


A common misconception among ethical fashion lovers is that Stella McCartney is a vegan designer. While the person Stella McCartney follows a vegan diet, the brand still uses silk and wool. Even so, we applaud Stella for the courage to refuse to use leather and fur – no easy feat in the world of high fashion, where the two aforementioned materials represent luxury and quality. As the use of fur continues to skyrocket through the runways, Stella has designed a line of ‘fur-free fur’ as a part of her AW15 collection, presented last week in Paris. Offering long-haired full-length faux coats, Stella showed that faux fur is every bit as stylish as the real deal – if not more so. After all, we are talking a type of fur that doesn’t smell of wet dog when rained on!

What do you think about Stella’s no-fur fur?



Source: The Guardian. Photos from Shop Stella McCartney here.

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Sascha Camilli

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  1. I applaud Stella McCartney for creating a high-end, luxe line of faux fur coats. She has the ability to influence other designers and, of course, her customers. I’m not into the look of fur (faux or real) but if she can get people to buy her “furs” it will sway people away from animal furs. She might not be targeting vegans, but she will catch people’s eye with her designs.

    As a bonus, I now have an ice-breaker when I see someone in fur. I can ask if it’s a Stella McCartney. If the answer is yes, awesome! If it’s no, I can gently tell the person about SM’s line of cruelty-free “fur.” 🙂

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