That Protein Product Review and Overnight Oats Recipe

Over the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to try out That Protein, a vegan protein powder that comes in three different flavours; promising a healthy addition to your diet, more energy and delicious taste.

I’ve never been a protein-powder kind of girl, but this product appealed to me for various reasons. Firstly – the powders are all organic, made from whole-foods, use minimal ingredients and, as a company, promote plant-based living for optimum health.

That Protein comes in three varieties: Brown Rice with Raw Cacao, Pumpkin Seed with Chia Seeds and Hemp Protein Powder with Baobab. I tried out the Brown Rice with Raw Cacao and boy, did it make a very happy addition to all of my breakfasts!

As someone who has never put any real emphasis on “where I get my protein”, I was curious to see if adding protein powder regularly into my diet would have any real effect.

I don’t do any real intensive, athletic exercise; I have a hectic lifestyle, am on my feet most of the day, cycle and do Yoga about once a week. Hardly strenuous. I imagine this product would have much more benefit for people who are more active and regularly tearing and rebuilding muscle.

So – what did I notice?

Most mornings I have fruit, a smoothie, porridge or, my new favourite: Overnight Oats. Every morning for a few weeks now, I’ve had a smoothie or oats and added 2 tablespoons of protein powder among other bits and bobs.

The major immediate difference – taste. I am all about taste. This made my breakfast so, so much more delicious (honestly, it was like a dessert first thing). The powder added a chocolately, creamy taste, while being completely dairy free, with no added sugar, non GMO, no sweeteners and free from anything artificial at all. Pretty incredible in my opinion! 

I also felt a lot fuller for longer. Usually I will be pretty starving by lunch-time, always attributing that to my fast-digesting food and running around all day, but having some Protein Powder with breakfast, I wasn’t anywhere near as hangry (hunger-angry) when it came time for lunch. Co-workers were all grateful.

And finally, the boost of having some Raw Cacoa first thing in the morning absolutely did help wake me up. Reading all about That Protein’s health benefits and the properties of Raw Cacao, I’m not surprised I felt so alert. According to their website: “Cacao is a top source of antioxidants and it contains an abundance of magnesium and iron. It is widely recognised for the naturally occurring chemicals it contains which stimulate the happy centres in our brain. No other food in the world is known to contain as many mood-improving substances as cacao.”

Two of the major “vegan diet myths” are that you won’t get any protein and you won’t get any iron. I relished knowing that first thing in the morning I was having a good dose of both!

If you are someone who wants to try adding more protein into their diet in a really simple and delicious way – I definitely recommend this product. That Protein’s website even contain a heap of recipe ideas, comprehensive detail of where they source ingredients and nutritional information to inspire anyone to live a bit healthier!

I will definitely be keeping this as a part of my routine AND –  had to include my recipe for Chocolate Overnight Oats.

This has become, hands down, my favourite breakfast!

Chocolate Overnight Oats with Flaxseed and Currants


You will need: A decent-sized jar with lid.

Time: Overnight

Serves: ONE


1/2 cup Steel-Cut Oats

1 cup Organic Soy or Almond Milk

1 Tablespoon Flaxeed

1/4 cup Organic Currants

1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon

1 Tablespoon Brown Rice Protein with Raw Cacao


Simply place your dry oats, flaxseed, powder, cinnamon and currents into your jar. Put on the lid and shake so the dry ingredients are combined.

Add dairy-free milk, (if your dry ingredients are not completely covered with milk, add a bit more) put the lid on and again, shake very hard.

Place your oats in the fridge overnight.

In the morning – voilà! Delicious chocolate overnight oats that are easy to digest, will fill you up until lunch-time and can be eaten on the go or while relaxing at home.

Overnight Oats can be made in a million combinations! One of my other favourites is Banana and Cinnamon.

Check out the That Protein Website and Twitter here to explore their range and ethos.

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Hannah Ellis

Food Editor

Hannah is an actor and writer living in Manchester, UK. As well as all things theatre, Hannah's passionate about animal rights, travelling (home to Australia when possible!) and making incredible plant-friendly meals. In her spare time, she sneaks off to spread the vegan message on her website, Hannah has been a healthy, happy vegan for nearly three years.

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