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If you followed the trends from the S/S ’15 catwalks around the world, you couldn’t have missed the stylish braids sported by the models. The braid is everywhere, and what we love about the ubiquitous trend is that it is so versatile. You can wear a braid while working out, at work, or for a fun night out wearing your favorite outfit – it really goes with anything. If you’re out of ideas, or have no idea how to make a braid, we have created an easy tutorial for you where we show exactly how you make a stylish, bohemian fishtail braid. Enjoy!


1. Start off by creating a side part that feels comfortable to you. Next, create a part from just above your ear and up to the side part, as shown in the picture. This will be the small fishtail braid. If you have fine hair, make sure to use a product which will give your hair more texture and hold, like Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam. Put the rest of your hair away with an elastic to make sure it doesn’t get in your braid.

2. For a fishtail braid, you will start with only two hair sections, as opposed to the three sections needed for traditional braids. Start with dividing a section of your hair into two pieces. Cross the two hair sections, one to the left and one to the right, on top of the left piece, so that they make an X,  Now, use your finger and pick up a new piece of hair from the left and cross it on top of the right side piece. Continue crossing the two sections and fasten with an elastic – we used the ones from BLAX. If you have fine or slippery hair, use a product such as Giovanni Styling Glue in your hair before braiding.

3. Now do the same thing with the large section of your hair.

4. Once you’ve finished both braids, gently pull on the pieces to loosen up the braids a bit to get that soft, messy texture.

5. Fasten the small braid with a bobby pin right above the larger braid.

6. Pull some small hairs along your hairline loose and curl them.

Finish with a medium hold hairspray, like Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray and you are ready to go!

Model: Anna M. Berge

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Anja Elle

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Anja has a background as hairstylist and makeupartist and works with marketing. She is a Swede living in Copenhagen with her two cats. Anja lives to travel, is a vegetarian, a bit of a crazy cat lady, and would go far for a good truffle pasta and Italian wine. She blogs at

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