7 Must-Haves for Your Kind Beauty Case

After years of wild and not so well-pondered shopping, I’ve noticed that as I get older, I tend to spend less by consciously focusing on creating a timeless and elegant look, based on few high-quality pieces that could be used through the seasons. Less is more, they said, and lately I find myself agreeing with this motto.
Sometimes it’s tough to skip the latest new fad. The brand-new and shiny inventions of the beauty industry are right there in our faces, enticing us from magazine pages, TV screens and the shamelessly glowing faces of supermodels and beauty bloggers. Even so, I have realised that saving for an investment piece is a long-term win.




The must-haves:

A quality hairdryer and straightener.
Your hair is one of the first things to be noticed about you – so why not invest in amazing products that make it look and feel better? It would be great if we could afford professional blowouts three times a week, but unfortunately that is but a pipe dream for most of us. Begin with a good haircut and colour that makes the most of your face shape, then buy a good hairdryer and learn how to use it like a pro (YouTube is a goldmine with plenty of tutorials and useful tips).
Wattage, heat settings, ions, nozzles are the key features to consider before shelling out cash. This BabyLiss TT Pro 5000 blowdryer (1) represents a solid and flexible mix of these features, making it suitable for different hair types: from thin hair that needs extra care with temperature, to thicker, coarser hair that needs powerful air flow to cut drying time. In addition, it is lightweight and small enough to be taken on trips.

For a super-straight finish, try the IV Styler from GHD (2). It heats up quickly and can straighten the most tricky hair, plus it can be used to create curls!


A top-notch hairbrush.
Another must-have tool for your hair routine is a good hairbrush. After years searching, I’ve found the Tangle Teezer (3): love at first use! It untangles your hair without any pain or damage, getting right to the scalp, stimulating blood flowing and scrubbing away your dead skin cells. Don’t be fooled by its toylike look, it does work like a pro tool.
A scary-looking yet effective eyelash curler.
A good eyelash curler makes your eyes look more alert and awake, sometimes so much so that it eliminates the need of mascara. In the case of eye curlers, spending more really means having more. Go for the best, go for Shu Uemura (4).


A stunning eyeshadow palette.
This stunning Laid Bare Eye Palette from Lily Lolo (5) features neutral shades that allow you to create a variety of looks: from sleek daytime to spectacular evening, let your eyes do the talking. Apply these soft, subdued hues using the 10-Piece Luxury Brush Set from Lily Lolo (7) for flawless and easy results.
A signature scent.
Finding ‘your’ fragrance takes some time – but once you’ve found it, the right scent can represent your individuality in a truly one-of-a-kind fashion that will work over the seasons and make you stand far out from the crowd. Try Sweet Anthem for true magnifi-scents (okay, that one was cheesy).
Last but not least….
Remember our beauty gest through eating well and working out. Check our Food and Lifestyle section out to get tons of neat suggestions.



Cover photo by Derriel Street Photography

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Francesca Roviani

Francesca is a thirty-something happiness seeker based in Venice. Passionate about green and respectful beauty, she loves to discover and test new brands. What inspires her? People, places and…Pinterest!

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