Style Resolutions for 2015

Another bright, shiny, New Year is upon us bringing with it hope, the promise of new beginnings, and positive intentions for the year ahead. This is the time of year we boldly proclaim “I will quit this nasty habit,” or “I will sign up for a new gym membership and go several times per week,” or “I will be more patient to others in my daily life,” etc., etc.  Without being too cynical and elaborating too much, I’ll just say that gyms make a lot of free money this time of year and leave it at that!

This year, however, I’m setting some pretty easily attainable goals of my own.When it comes to style, I can confidently say I’m at the point in my life where I know what I like, understand the silhouettes that flatter my body shape, and have a defined taste that suits me wellIt’s wonderful to embrace one’s own personal style, but the flip side is that one can get stuck in a bit of a fashion rut and start to feel lacklustre and bored.   I love getting dressed up for special occasions, but I’d say that most of the time my style could be characterised as tomboy meets (as much as I hate saying this word) boho. That’s all well and good, but I have a hankering to refresh my look; after all, ‘tis the season of personal improvement and I have enough flannel button-downs!


Without further ado, behold, my 5 New Year’s (life)style resolutions:



print mixing copy

  1. Mix it up


I’ve always loved how mixing prints and patterns look on other people. I love a good print, but I typically pair it with a solid. Maybe all this time I’ve just been intimidated by potentially looking too busy or jumbled, but one can look chic and put-together by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Match your colours
  • Pair larger prints with smaller prints
  • If, like me, print terrifies you,  break up your prints with solids or pair a bold print with a stripe, which actually acts as a neutral (see above photo).


style resolution 2_floral dress 

  1. Let nighttime styles see the light of day

Dressing up is fun – but a wardrobe that’s filled with formalwear only is anything but. To that I say, dress down that party dress with casual accessories and let it multi-task.

Take, for example, this lovely dress I reserve mostly for fall weddings and date nights. It looks chic for an afternoon out and about when paired with this faux-leather jacket and lace-up boots. I also dressed down a tight-fitting crochet dress I normally wear for a summer date night.   I’ve dressed it down with a simple denim vest, sweater tights, and ankle booties.


  1. Bold lips

I’m pretty new to the makeup game. I’ll sport a colored lip at night here and there, but I think it can freshen up a daytime look if worn properly. There are so many great cruelty-free cosmetic lines for all budgets, so it’s easy to test the waters risk-free. Stepping outside the box when it comes to makeup can be a lot of fun!


style resolution_2

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Fast fashion is everywhere, so it can be hard to justify spending a lot of money when one considers that it’s probably available for cheaper elsewhere. The obvious caveat is that you get what you pay for. So, this year, I’m going to commit to investing in a few timeless items that will stand the test of time in both quality and aesthetic. It is such an exciting time for ethical fashion so there are some really wonderful options when considering a splurging on cruelty free clothing, footwear, or accessories.

High on my list of stylish investments is: a coat from Vaute Couture, a handbag from Freedom of Animals and a clutch from Viva Creatures – all of these brands are vegan, and also committed to being environmentally and socially responsible as well by using materials that are more eco-friendly than more commonly used alternatives, and also ensuring their workers are paid fair wages.




5.Drink More Water!

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t directly style-related. But what good is killer style if you’re dehydrated?

I tend to get sucked into work so completely that I can forget to eat or drink for long periods of time. On my busiest days, it’s not rare that I look up at the clock in the late afternoon only to realize that the only thing I’ve had to drink all day is coffee. This is unhealthy for so many different reasons, but it is especially apparent in the color and tone of my skin: puffy eyes, dry patches, and overall dullness are not a good look for anyone, and are indicative of dehydration. So, my fifth and most important resolution is to drink lemon water throughout the day and cut back on my caffeine intake.


Cheers to 2015! May it be your best, and most stylish, year yet.

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Stephanie Villano

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Stephanie works in the surf fashion industry and is based in Newport, Rhode Island. Originally a Bostonian, she is your typical salty New Englander always plotting a warm-weather escape. A vegan currently trying to curb her coffee consumption, Stephanie believes that the elephant is her spirit animal and often prefers the company of cats and dogs to humans. She feels that this is an exciting time for cruelty-free, vegan fashion and looks forward to learning about emerging designers in this niche. Follow her blog for fashion inspiration, adventures in vegan cooking, and general musings at

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