The Power of Nature: 5 Amazing Hair Oils

Feeling stressed out? No, not you: we’re talking about your hair. As it’s constantly exposed to brushing, heat styling and chemical treatments, hair may look and feel damaged in the long run – and icy winter air certainly doesn’t help. Fortunately, Mother Nature comes to our aid – look no further than all-natural miracle oils to help reconstruct the hair fibre, support hair growth and regenerate the scalp.

First of all, special attention is to be paid to the ingredients: the most common products often contain tons of chemicals and very small amounts of actual oil. Check the label before you buy! Plus, if you go for an all-oil formula, you can also use the product to hydrate your body and face: a versatile and thrifty solution, especially for your holiday luggage.

When using the hair oil for a pre-shampoo treatment to enrich and moisturise, remember to slightly moisten the hair in advance to prevent dehydration.







1. Khadi® Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Maybe the most famous and versatile oil, this is both cheap and easy to find…plus, it smells like a beach holiday in a jar! Its unique combination of fatty acids and vitamins helps boost the health of your hair and scalp. Apply to damp hair and leave in overnight, then proceed with your normal hair routine. Repeat whenever you can to restore your stressed hair.


2. Biopark Cosmetics Avocado Oil

Avocado is a superfood that we can find in almost any restaurant lately…what about in our beauty cupboards? We tried this oil, rich in vitamins, minerals (magnesium, iron, potassium) proteins and fatty acids, that help moisturize the hair and protect it against environmental strain, stress and ageing effects. And guess what? We’re sold.


3. CMD – Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is the only oil with a molecular structure similar to sebum naturally produced by the scalp – meaning your hair will love it. After use I noticed my hair became softer and more shiny, plus there was a definite increase of volume in my otherwise-thin hair.


4. Aveda – Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil
Split ends? Frizzy hair? Dryness? Check, check, and, unfortunately, check. Found: this super-effective pre-blow dry treat with a lightweight texture. You will feel the difference right after the first application – your hair will regain softness and discipline. PS: The scent reminds me of a Nordic SPA!

5. SO’Bio étic – Argan Oil Pure & Organic
Last but not least, the most luxurious oil of our selection. Enriched with argan oil, an ingredient famous for its use in anti-age skincare, this oil helps restore elasticity, preserve glow and repair damage. The use of argan oil on the hair is an ideal step to add to your hair routine before blow-drying.



Featured image by Mainstream / Aveda Corporation

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Francesca Roviani

Francesca is a thirty-something happiness seeker based in Venice. Passionate about green and respectful beauty, she loves to discover and test new brands. What inspires her? People, places and…Pinterest!

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