Get Ready to Sparkle!

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve this year? Watching the ball drop in New York, toasting in champagne on the Gold coast wearing your finest bikini, or attending a private party in a glamorous, Oscar-worthy gown? No matter what you are doing or what you are wearing, Vilda suggests you dust off your beauty kit and get ready to sparkle!

If you ask us, glitter is always an option. But on New Year’s Eve, it is almost a must. No matter what outfit you are wearing or how you prefer your makeup, there is always a way to incorporate glitter. Here are our suggestions for ways you can use glitter in your makeup. Use all of the tips at once for a full-blown, glitter queen look, or try just one for a little subtle sparkle to start the new year:

EYES: Glitter on your eyelids might sound like you’re going for the disco ball look, but it really depends on how you apply it. If you want it to be subtle, just add a little bit of sparkly eye shadow on the inner and middle part of your eyelids and use something more matte to tone it out. If that’s what you are going for, try the Moondust eye shadow in the shade Space Cowboy (1) from Urban Decay. If, on the other hand, you want glitter and lots of it, here’s a budget friendly tip: buy regular glitter at your local arts and crafts store*, and apply it with some good glitter glue, like Medusa’s Makeup The Fix Glitter Adhesive (2). Top your eye makeup off with some good false eyelashes! Look out for the ones made from real hair – often they are made from animal furs! Opt for quality synthetic falsies, like Georgie Beauty’s faux lashes (3), which are PETA and vegan certified.

(*Be sure to buy glitter that doesn’t have too sharp edges, in case it gets in your eyes)

LIPS: People won’t be able to take their eyes off your lips when you are wearing the enchanting glittery red shade Candy Apple from Lime Crime (4). Or you can add some sparkle with a subtle, shimmering gloss like the shade Toffee from Barry M (5) on top of your lipstick.

NAILS: If you’re not a big fan of glitter on your face, at least let your nails sparkle! There are many beautiful glitter polishes out there – try Muse from Intensae (6), which has golden, 3D glitter sparkles, or The Black Knight from Butter London (7) if you’re more into dark, but sparkly, nails.


Top picture by Kris Tallowski used under the Creative Commons license.

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Anja Elle

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Anja has a background as hairstylist and makeupartist and works with marketing. She is a Swede living in Copenhagen with her two cats. Anja lives to travel, is a vegetarian, a bit of a crazy cat lady, and would go far for a good truffle pasta and Italian wine. She blogs at

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