The Appeal of Luxe Basics

The shift from fast fashion to slow fashion has been, not surprisingly, a slow one. Phrases like “quality over quantity” and “less is more’ might ring a bell because a certain sector of the fashion industry has put emphasis on transparency, longevity and the anti-trend.

You may have found yourself cruising Everlane or Modavanti for luxury basics that can be dressed up or down- we know we’re guilty! There’s something to be said of the perfect tee or slip dress that can be worn and enjoyed season after season – for good reason.

This back-to-basics movement in fashion is something we can get on board with. Fair labour, quality materials and a lot of love is put into every one of Everlane’s perfect t-shirts. By cutting out the middle men (stores), this online business passes the savings on to you.

At any given time you can find locally produced fashion lines fundraising their collection on Kickstarter – and they’re usually successful. Partly because of their aesthetic but mainly for the transparency that comes with creating beautiful products ethically and locally. The videos alone do a fabulous job introducing potential funders to the process, but then there are additional images of the factory, first samples of the item and the actual people behind the clothes. I don’t know about you, but I can spend hours perusing Kickstarter for fascinating projects by designers creating innovative clothing or accessories made to last. There was even one sweatshirt that had a ten year guarantee! Now that’s confidence in your product.

So you’re probably asking yourself why? Why would I spend maybe $100 on a dress when I can buy three at the mall for the same price? Why shouldn’t my wardrobe be as full as it can be? Why shouldn’t I get the most for my money?

Getting the most for your money is something I once equated to literally getting the most. As in the largest amount of THINGS. Physically. I wasn’t able to see beyond the physical value of my money. However, the real value lies not in quantity – but do I love it? Is it made well? Will it last?

If the answer to those questions isn’t a resounding “yes!” then it shouldn’t be purchased. Price has a way of enticing us to buy that half-off dress just because it’s $20, even if we don’t absolutely love it or see ourselves wearing it for more than a season.

This shopping philosophy is evident in the success of Etsy where handmade goods reign.

Several etailers and brands have a made a name for themselves in the emerging slow fashion space- both online and in person. The aforementioned Everlane specializes in a curated line of wardrobe basics like the perfect V-neck tee shirt while New York based Miakoda reigns casual luxe for yogis, downtowners and everyone in between.

I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times I’ve seen back to basics listed as a trend or movement in magazines this summer. Of course, alongside this declaration that less is more (for now) are images of supposedly luxe cashmere and calfskin bags.

No matter what you consider luxe (we at Vilda are partial to airy cotton), there’s no denying basics make or break your wardrobe. Think about it – what would you do without that little black dress when you can’t be bothered to shop for a one-time occasion? How much would your behind miss those skinny jeans you practically sleep in?

Since staples like the perfect t-shirt, LBD, jeans, and cardigans get so much action in our daily lives, it’s no wonder we look to quality when purchasing them.

These must-haves need to be versatile, soft and comfortable, all while effortlessly layering with our constant rotation of accessories. Since the vegan version of luxe is a little more down to earth (but no less fabulous), it can be difficult to spot a worthy contender for “best trouser of the year”. Luckily, the slow fashion movement, ie buying less and better, had been picked up by sustainable brands as well.

Having a base wardrobe not only makes getting dressed easier in the morning, but brings zen to your closet. Who can argue with that?

Basics don’t have to be boring and can even be a print! There’s nothing wrong with making something your signature. Who cares if you wear it more than once a week? A staple can be anything you want it to be – if harem pants are your thing, then go for it! More of a dress girl? Don’t shy away from that eye-catching pattern. As long as you’re staying true to yourself.


1. Josie Drawstring Dress, Amour Vert

2. Beach Pants, Mary Meyer

3. Cotton U-Neck, Everlane

4. A-line Tank, Miakoda

5. Caftan Dress, Ace & Jig 

6. Roll Over Cardigan, Miakoda

7. Crossbody, Angela + Roi

8. Skinny Jeans, Free People

9. Messenger, Deux Lux

Cover photo: Daniel Oines

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Nicole Hoffman

Nicole is a native New Yorker and graduate of New York University with a Bachelor's in Media, Culture and Communication. Her cruelty-free style is girly and carefree with lots of sparkles thrown in for good measure. She blogs about NYC life and animal-friendly fashion at Too Chic for Meat.

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