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Do you remember when you first went vegan or vegetarian? Chances are you felt labelled a hippie or outsider and struggled to find like-minded people. The cruelty-free lifestyle had very limited media exposure and you found yourself sighing at gorgeous fashion websites featuring clothes you would never be able to wear.

These days, although things are still far from perfect, there’s a slightly rosier outlook for those who have chosen the kind life. As veganism and conscious living grows as a trend, we’re seeing more and more bloggers that create gorgeous websites to promote our lifestyle in a chic, glossy way. Here a few that Team Vilda clicks into on a daily basis.



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The Little Foxes 

One of Vilda’s first interviewees, Ashlee Piper runs a gorgeous vegan lifestyle blog featuring beauty, recipes, fashion and some of the best giveaways we’ve ever seen. Stylish and knowledgeable, Ashlee also writes about cruelty-free beauty for Refinery29.



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Beauty blogger and vlogger Karris from Glasgow brings us the best in cruelty-free makeup and beauty products. Her photos are gorgeous and her posts full of useful info. Plus, she’s the founder of vegan monthly delivery box The Vegan Kind.



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Paint + Tofu

Kori “dislikes factory farming and all things IKEA”, so her blog is a lovely mix of vegan recipes and DIY projects. With photos of a professional standard, Kori is a cruelty-free blog star in the making.



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My Kind of Life

“Inspiration for kind people” is the tagline for vegan plus-size model Emily Nolan Joseph’s amazing blog that touches on vegan living, modelling, entrepreneurship and confidence. Oh, and Emily has also given advice on how to build your business right here in Vilda.
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This is something as rare as a vegan streetstyle blog. About New York City, no less. And it’s incredibly cutting edge and chic. Next time you need to show someone how overwhelmingly stylish leather-free fashion can be, point them straight to this supercool blog.



Header photo from FauxMood. As we want to stay unbiased, we did not include the blogs of Vilda team members. You can, however, find info about where we blog in our profiles here

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