Editor’s Notes: Seasonal Wardrobe Malfunctions

Me, appropriately dressed for once, in the gorgeous but freezing Newquay, Cornwall
Me, appropriately dressed for once, in the gorgeous but freezing Newquay, Cornwall

This Monday, I wore open shoes. For the first time since September, I left both my beloved ankle boots and much-adored Converse at home, slipping my newly pedicured feet into a pair of strappy, studded sandals. Walking down the sun-drenched street, I felt energised by my choice to declare that spring has officially arrived, just by changing my footwear. Granted, the London air at 8am is still a bit chilly – but looking down on my red toenails, I still felt one step closer to those glorious sunny Saturdays and warm Friday evenings spent drinking chilled glasses of wine. By choosing sandals, I had willed summer to arrive.

 By lunchtime, I was sweating. Turns out that going for sandals was a great idea – teaming them with black trousers and a long-sleeved blouse was not. I spent the rest of the afternoon resisting the urge to rip off my top (that would have made for a rather interesting commuting story) and envisioning all the summer dresses and skirts I’d finally be able to bring out of hibernation.

Come Tuesday, I’d learned my lesson: it was all bare legs and short sleeves, never mind the menacing clouds hanging outside my window. Knee-length skirt and short-sleeved top it was. Needless to say, my lips were blue enough to match the aforementioned top by the time I arrived at my destination.

 Every year, I’m amazed at my startling inability to match my wardrobe choices to the (in my defense somewhat unpredictable) weather conditions. I’m always the one who’s wearing a summer dress in the hail, the one stomping about in biker boots in scorching sunshine and the one who you can trust to never get it right. As I grow older and learn more about what clothes look – and feel – good on me, I’m faced with the fact that this is highly unlikely to change, no matter what country I live in.

Speaking of countries, I must credit my current city, London (she of the million weather changes in a day) with the solution to my problem: layers. These days, I rarely leave the house without an extra cardigan (or tights!) in my bag. That way, I’m prepared. Needless to say, both sunglasses and an umbrella also accompany me everywhere from a stroll in the park to an important meeting.

 If, despite careful planning – or if, like me, you did more fun things instead of planning – you find yourself over- or underdressed for the weather, my tip is OWN IT. Brave the cold/heat like you mean it and concentrate on how great you look. And accept that you might get it wrong next time as well.

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Sascha Camilli

Founder and Editor

A passionate changemaker, Sascha Camilli is the founder and editor-in-chief of Vilda Magazine. Born in Moscow and raised in Stockholm, she has also lived in Los Angeles, London, Milan and Florence, before landing in her current hometown of Brighton, UK. She was selected as one of GLAMOUR UK's Most Empowering Nu-Gen Activists and is a frequent public speaker on the topic of vegan fashion and material innovation. Her book Vegan Style is out now on Murdoch Books.

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