6 Body Butters to Feed Your Skin for Summer

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As summer approaches and we swap our tights for sundresses, we could all benefit from extra skincare and hydration for thirsty skin after the winter.

Body butters play a key role in moisturising and nourishing the skin. Richer than body lotions and creams, these skin-savers have the power to give  your skin a refreshing makeover in a short time. They usually contain butter extracted from shea nut, cocoa or mango, blended with precious oils that work by lubricating and softening the skin and preventing moisture loss by forming a barrier.










1. Akamuti – Organic Cocoa Butter


This product contains virgin cocoa butter known for its precious nutrients that soften and smooth, blended with sweet almond oil. As an added bonus, it gives your body a wonderful, long-lasting scent.


2. Sevi – Cacao Bean Body Butter

Unrefined Nilotica Shea Butter mixed with cocoa and luxury oils make this moisturising butter perfect  for weather-dried skins. The natural cocoa aroma causes addiction: we’d often open the jar just to get a sniff of the scent!


3. Beurre – Shea Butter Body Cream

This butter contains over 80% of shea butter rich in vitamin A, E and F which are known to provide deep hydration. After only a few applications, you’ll find that your skin looks healthy and refreshed. Beurre has a thick texture but spreads easily and melts perfectly into your skin. You just need a very small amount of product for the entire body, meaning it will last for ages. Our favourite scent? Definitely reinvigorating lemongrass.


4. Zoya – Shea Butter with Argan Oil

Active ingredients include shea butter (yep, again!) and argan oil, which stimulates and regenerates the skin. Apply generously after sun exposure and watch your skin drink it up!



5. Green Love – Ice cream body butter

This sold formula packed in a glass jar contains certified fairtrade whipped raw shea butter, olive oil and the scent of natural berries. Apply with a massage – the butter is quickly absorbed, leaving you with soft and velvety skin.



6.  Yes To Carrots – Super Rich Body Butter

A formula rich in beta carotene is blended with carrot juice and shea butter for maximum intense nourishment. This product has a rich texture minus the grease and  is also recommended for sensitive skin.

The cocoa butter is community traded with producers in Uganda, free from chemicals and not refined in any way. A do-gooder that does your skin good? We’re on board.




Cover Photo by M. Yashna / Flickr Creative Commons

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