The ultimate guide to make-up brushes

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons
Photo from Flickr Creative Commons



You saw the perfect smokey eyes for that special night out on Pinterest, so you went and bought that exact eye shadow. You keep on trying but the result doesn’t match that perfection in the picture on your screen. There must be something wrong, but what? Having the right make-up is not a guarantee of good result. Trust us: using the right tools is as important as having the top-notch beauty goods. Here, we pick a few of our favourites.





1. Urban Decay – Good Karma blush brush – this large brush has a strategically angled shape that makes it the perfect tool to easily contour your cheekbones.

2. Urban Decay – Good Karma Powder Brush – a big, fluffy brush that’s a beauty-box classic, this tool is designed for multiple purposes such as blending and contouring. Its dense and soft bristles make it easy to apply powder, blush or bronzer to your face and body or to remove  excess make-up.

3. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  Foundation Brush – the super-soft synthetic bristles of this brush are perfect for every kind of foundation: powder, liquid or cream. This flat brush allows to apply your make up quickly for an even result with fuller coverage.

4. Tarte Cosmetics Concealer Brush – this brush has soft and firm synthetic bristles that allow you to apply liquid or cream concealer that will erase under-eye circles and other skin imperfections.

5. Ecotools foam applicator Brush – use this innovative tool to easily reach difficult zones such as the contours of the nose or eyelids. Shaped like a paint brush, it will provide higher precision –  replace the foam when needed.

6. Aveda Envirometal Retractable Lip Brush – the shape of this brush is ideal to put liquid gloss or cream lipstick on and define the outer rims of your lips. You can use it at home or on the go thanks to its retractable top.

7. Sephora Press Play Foundation Touch-Up – for touch-ups on the go, refill this with your favourite foundation and watch it work its magic as a dispenser and a brush at the same time. The right amount of liquid is dispensed through the bristles for a quick touch-up before a night out after work.

8. Laura Mercier Angled Eyeliner Brush –  this super-smart brush features an innovative angled ferrule that makes high-precision eyeliner application a piece of cake.

9. Tarte Cosmetics Kabuki Brush – addicted to mineral beauty? This kabuki is the brush for you. Thanks to its dome shape, this tool easily picks up the perfect amount of mineral make-up and guarantee a smooth and flawless effect. The synthetic bristles are incredibly soft and dense and the bag-perfect size of this brush (as well as the cute little beauty bag it comes in)makes it perfect for travelling or for keeping in your purse for daily touch-ups.

10. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap – to avoid bacteria that could pass on to your skin, don’t forget to clean your make-up brushes – this will also ensure they last longer. Wash them weekly.

11. Ecotools – Essential eye set –  everything you need, from basic application to sophisticated pro-style results. A good investment that will boost your beauty.




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