A Vilda Valentine – The Only Gift Guide You Need

As 14 February approaches, many of us are wrestling with the eternal dilemma: gift shopping. First of all, time plays into it: if you’ve been dating the person a short while, you may be wary of getting too serious with the gift. Conversely, if you’ve been together forever, you may be worried that he or she got you something that beats your itsy-bitsy gift by a landslide. You want to get it just right – whatever that means. One of our favourite beauty brands, Willow Organics, have a great guide for couples that you may want to casually leave open for your significant other to read. Hint hint…

Another conundrum worth pondering  is just how lovey-dovey you should be. Should you go all out with red hearts and heart-shaped truffles? Or will he/she prefer a more jokey gift? Life-or-death matters such as “card versus flowers versus both” become even more crucial if this is your first Valentine’s Day together.

And then there’s the ethical issue. How many vegan-friendly chocolates and wine bottles are actually out there? And what about smelling nice on your date – is finding a Valentine-friendly vegan perfume as tricky as it sounds?

Contrary to popular belief, ethical gifts that are also devastatingly pretty aren’t too hard to find – if you’re willing to look beyond the typical “teddy bears and heart-shaped chocolates” thing (but we bet you’re tired of that anyway). As always when choosing a gift, keep in mind the person you’re giving it to – does he/she even like chocolate (although if they don’t they’re probably an alien)? Maybe the typical V-Day stuff isn’t their thing at all – or the contrary, they’re all about roses and cute cards? Whatever your style is, choose wisely – with our fabulous gift guide.





1. Half case vegan organic champagne, Animal Aid


2. Persian Rose soy candle, Pacifica


3. Mason Jar cookie mix, Free People


4. Luscious Vegan truffle collection, Vosges Chocolate


5. Booja Booja Organic Champagne Truffles, Goodness Direct





6. Up All Night Cami set, Wildfox at ASOS


7. Heart Studs, Free People


8. Fleur du Mal Rose Lace Demi bra, Shopbop


9. Valentine’s Balloon card, Not on the High Street


10. NCLA Heart Attack nail polish


11. Love fragrance, LUSH




photo by Carol Lam on sxc.hu

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