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Pic from Flickr Creative Commons
Pic from Flickr Creative Commons


Having conquered millions in just a couple of years, they’re on top of any beauty must-have list. We’re talking BB and CC Creams – magic potions that are competing against the good ol’ foundation on the beauty shelves for another winter season.
First of all: what is a BB Cream? It stands for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm” and was originally formulated in Germany during the ’60s for post-surgery cosmetic use. This product owes its fortune to the Korean women that began using BB cream for beauty purposes. Finally, last year the BB Cream made its way back to Europe.
The BB Cream is an all-in-one product with many interesting features: it balances and hydrates skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, creates radiant and glowing complexion and protects with chemical-free SPF.

What about the CC Cream? It is a sort of “big sister” to the BB Cream and stands for “Control Cream”. This product, in addition to the BB’s benefits, focuses on color correction and covering up skin imperfections.

So, what are the best vegan choices? We’ve done some research (so you don’t have to):



1. Yes To Grapefruit – CC Cream Light
This formula gives a natural coverage of redness, bumps and undereye circles, all while leaving skin looking radiant and luminous. The skin looks so naturally flawless that you give the impression of au-naturel perfection with no makeup. A non-chemical SPF and a smooth texture are our favorite parts of the product experience. Moreover, it smells delicious – like a real grapefruit.


2. Lavera – Beauty Balm BB Cream
This cream contains organic Acai berries that provide moisturizing and anti-oxidant benefits, while natural mineral pigments brighten the skin. This product gives a very light coverage, meaning it works better as a primer rather than a substitute for foundation.

3. Alba Botanica – Even Advanced CC Cream

The texture of this cream is super light, airy and more velvety than most BB’s and CC’s. It is an all-in-one cream that brightens, protects and repairs the skin thanks to an antioxidant-rich marine complex of algae extracts and vitamin C.


4. Dermae – BB Creme – Light Tint SPF 25

A multi-functional mineral beauty balm that provides an all day hydration while concealing imperfections such as wrinkles and spots. The non-waxy consistency of the cream makes it suitable for oily and combination skins. The skin looks healthy, natural and luminous. At first sight the shade may look too dark, but after a few minutes from the application, you’ll find it blends perfectly with your skin tone.

5. Haut – BB Cream
This BB Cream has a gentle formula, full of many luxurious organic ingredients such as coconut oil for silky and elastic skin and fermented vanilla bean  that acts like an optical brightener absorbing UV light and adding radiance. A nice feature of this cream is also the water resistance that makes it suitable for the beach and pool. If you are looking for a BB Cream with more than two choices of colour, Haut BB Cream is the real deal as it comes in eight different shades.

What to take into consideration when choosing a BB or CC Cream:

These creams are ok if you like a natural and easy look. If you prefer a heavier coverage, you could use BBs or CCs as a primer, a good base before applying foundation. They are also highly recommended if you want to save time (and money) in your beauty routine, as with one product you have both skincare and cosmetic functions.
The texture and the application set apart these creams from foundation. You literally need only a pump for the entire face. To apply the product you need nothing but your hands.

Truth: after only a few applications of BBs or CCs you will feel your skin regenerated, hydrated and soft… that’s why it’s well worth trying!

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