Winter hair treats

We all are worried about summertime enemies like sun, salt and sand – but  let’s not forget that in winter our hair needs extra treatment and protection from cold, humidity and rain – all have the potential to damage your beauty.

Safeguarding your hair during the winter months will be as easy as a quick shampoo, with some simple tricks.

In winter hair needs more nutrition, hence you have to use different products than in summer,  due to the cold weather’s drying effects on hair. John Masters – Evening Primrose Shampoo has special ingredients such as evening primrose to moisturize, geranium to strengthen and regenerate, plant extracts and luxury essential oils to soften your hair. If you have coloured hair we suggest Green People – Intensive Repair Shampoo. Rich in active nutrients and proteins, it helps maintain the colour longer and protects from cold-weather damage at the same time. It’s also highly recommended for pool swimmers.

After shampooing, apply a nourishing and protective conditioner on the lengths and leave it on for at least 3 minutes, so that the hair can make the most of all the active ingredients. Our choice is Neal’s Yard Remedies – Nurturing Rose Conditioner. Untangled, vibrant and super soft hair. Fact.

Once a week, to give extra nutrition, just apply a hair mask and leave it on for 10-15 minutes wrapping the hair in cling film: this trick will allow the ingredients to better penetrate into the hair. Weleda – Oat Replenishing Treatment  is great for this purpose. Provides extra moisture and smoothes the hair without leaving it “heavy” at all.

Hands up who has not fought – at least one time – against electric and frizzy hair? To prevent these issues (and many others) the answer is argan oil. This “liquid gold” is like a superfood for your hair that disciplines and nourishes. You can put it on wet or dry hair. The best choice for us is Shea Terra Organica – 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair. Beware: smells divinely and causes addiction!



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Francesca Roviani

Francesca is a thirty-something happiness seeker based in Venice. Passionate about green and respectful beauty, she loves to discover and test new brands. What inspires her? People, places and…Pinterest!

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