Some like it hot – why we love Bikram yoga

For some reason Bikram has gotten the reputation of being a style of yoga only meant for the hard-core, the fitness freaks, the yoga masochists. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, the room is heated to 40 degrees and humid, but it is for your own good and you will feel it immediately with increased flexibility.

Your breath will become your most important friend and ally. Hold your breath while balancing on one leg and you may regret it. Stay in the room for the whole class and do nothing but breathe and you can already call yourself a yogi. To follow a Bikram class is quite easy, because it is so consistent: you will always practise the same 26 postures, in the same order, in any given class anywhere in the world. All postures are beginner’s postures, which you may or may not realize immediately – as I said standing on one leg, not breathing, can be tricky at first. But once you got the breath down, you realize that you don’t have to become a human pretzel nor come with any predisposed flexibility in order to do Bikram yoga. Give it an honest effort and you will be rewarded with 100% of the benefits. These include toning every muscle in your body, stimulating every gland and organ, and flushing out toxins. After class body and mind will feel tranquil, calm, and you will finally be warm, even in winter, inside and out.


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To stay warm outside and well, cool-ish, during class check out these products:

1. Stella McCartney makes the best oversized jackets to wrap up in style to stay warm before and after class. Find this one at Adidas.

2. Yoga tank from No Balls with build-in bra: no seams, anti-bacterial, and made out of bamboo.

3. Coconut water – the best way to rehydrate, all natural. Available in most health food stores or here to order online.

4. Perfectly shaped yoga shorts made out of organic cotton and bamboo available at Carrot Banana Peach.

5. Especially for Bikram yoga you want a mat that is machine washable. Like the one from Eco Yoga made out of jute and natural rubber, available at Yoga Bliss.






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Annika Ziehen

Annika is a German with a New York accent in Cape Town. She likes to write about wine, pasta, and giraffes on her blog and plans to do a Bikram class and plant a tree in every country the road takes her.

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